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  • sme20_98 sme20_98 Jan 5, 2005 8:20 AM Flag

    Mortgage App's down over 10%

    Sorry guys but i told you so more than a month ago. Mortgage REITS are a Sell in MHO. this one is headed for the 20's. Cheesey, make sue you link a news story that makes sense. Don't show me mortgage app #'s from last June!!!

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    • Why are you sorry? You've stated your opinion how many times now? I think we all understand what you think without repeating it many times out of particular spite. Too bad it has no grip. The only link I ever showed you that partained to AHM was about Nov. 2004 numbers in a story released on Dec, 29 2004. Particularily for your benefit. Where or what are you talking about last June for? Are you trying once again to deceive or mislead others? Or just trying to degrade myself? When you do that it just puts a feather in my cap.

      Bulls can make money, Bears can make money, Pigs go to the slaughterhouse.

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