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  • lestah lestah Feb 9, 2007 10:35 AM Flag

    Sold all my AHM shares

    Some yesterday, some this morning. My opinion of AHM has not changed, but looking at the trading, the ask size continues to be about 10 times the bid size, and the volume is very high again today. It sure looks like shorts have moved on from NEW to bolster their attack on AHM today.

    Now I just have to worry about when to start buying back in to this excellent long-term investment.

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    • The market is consolidating and running amuck with a "lynch mob mentality". This is the 2nd of my income stocks to suffer for being, "in the vicinity". I think this could continue for a few more weeks, so I'm gonna sell a couple of my runners and buy um' back later.


    • NEW is up $1 today and AHM is down $0.75. You never touch these situations for at lest 3 days, today being day 2. I'll take a look on Monday to see how these stocks bottom out. It usually takes an extra day or two to finish the cleanout.

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      • I rode NEW down all day yesterday from 30 to 19. Biggest one-day loss I've ever suffered on a stock, bar none. I swapped out of NEW this morning on the bounce and purchased AHM with the proceeds. I realize there is a chance that I sold NEW near the bottom but I'm so pissed at management over there that my conscience just couldn't let me stay in that stock.

        So now I'm riding AHM down even further over here with you nice folks. It's been a really rough 24 hours and I'm pretty numb. I'd shut off the computer and go for a walk if it weren't so $#$% cold outside.

        If it AHM gets to recent lows (below 30) I've got a bit more dry powder to avg. down with. I'm trying to keep emotion out of the trade but it's been really tough to do...