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  • sudnwealth sudnwealth Aug 26, 2005 11:30 AM Flag


    hope you got into SIMO dude-

    i think she's gonna blow


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    • Fighton said on CY board "Can I call you Pin"? oh my Gawd, that was histerical! You are a funny, funny guy Fighton.

      Yeah the Oberweiss is priced around there too- $485 yr. it is one of my sources for ideas-but often they have already had a big move before they recommend them-still they turned me onto LSCP,FLSH,VSEC, LIFC, ETC., all of which I made good coin on this year. I'll be looking at RIGL, RUTH, CF. If you ever want to swap news letters let me know..I also get the MOtley Fool Hidden Values.


    • ...No...It's Biotech Stock Research now...David Miller and team co-write it. Have useful on time updates on stocks they follow and a long report each month. Pretty expensive though...$485 per year. McCamant is for the masses and is about five steps down from Miller as far as the data discussions are concerned. Pretty intellectual stuff with BSR...Alot of it frankly over my head most of the time!

      Never seen the Oberweiss letter...Did they give you the stocks that you just told me about a few days ago, and if so, I'll take the darn letter. Would have paid for itself ten fold if I had bought them around six months ago! LOL

      No big rush on HITT but if it gets into the 18's without any negative news I'd pull the trigger...

      I got my eyes on CF again in the low to mid 16's...And RUTH around 17...Negative news today near the close re the hurricane damage...

      You like bios....Take a very close look at RIGL and THRX...Potential major news good or bad on RIGL in Sept/Oct...If good the stock goes to 30...If not...well...

      THRX...Interesting situation. You get a put at 17.50 I believe against Glaxo for 50% of your stock I believe in 2 years no matter what happens to the company as far as trial results are concerned (or where the price is)! Glaxo in-turn has a call on 50% of your stock at the same time I believe at $50. Doing this from memory. Check it out.
      Company has lots going for it IMHO

    • Cool. Who does that biotech letter? McCamant, Sturza, ????? I used to take both. I am ready to start taking one again as I believe bio will hot in '06 due to economy slowing.

      Have you ever taken or seen Oberweiss letter?


      still looking to enter HITT

    • ...EZEM is a unique situation. I got in at 8 before they even spun off Angio (ANGO)so recommending the stock at 14 isn't as clear of case. I did buy more when the stock was 12.25 so I'm quite comfortable with anything in the mid to high 12's. The crap shoot is their RSDL product. You need to really get into that part of their business. If the military accepts it as their first line of defense in chemical warfare or attack, then you have a homerun here. Ditto even with non military first responders. The company has been very quiet on where the entire process stands except to say the military is in the final stages of evaluation...If no bang from RSDL the stock is proably fairly valued around $20 IMHO...

      Re taking other news sources. I take the Biotech Monthly newsletter and have had mixed results. The guys are good though and honest.
      Taking a letter for IPO's is tough one because I need the analysis more from an after market opportunity standpoint then simply deciding which IPO to buy. We all know which ones will be hot. The trick is to buy the good companies that don't necessarily get the huge bang out of the blocks but do so later. That's why I bought HITT...CF...JRVR...and even CMED when they all retraced to a point or less over their IPO price. CF I've traded twice and made great money in a very short time and I'll be back in that one. HITT I have a 22-23 price objective in the ST. JRVR about the same. CMED got out too early at 18.50 but made 3.50 points in a very short time...All good or currently good trades. I don't plan on holding basically much at all in the coming weeks. Don't like the feel for the market right now at all!.....Fghton

    • Fighton,

      Thanks. I'll try them. BTW have you ever tried any of the stock pickers services like i take Oberweiss letter. They buy/recommend a lotta IPO's. To be fair they are right more than their wrong from what I've seen.

      Do you recommend EZEM?

      Thanks again,


    • ...No...I take$19.95 per month...Bill Simpson...Gives a nice overview of all major IPO's obviously in advance of their offerings, plus he has a nice on-going IPO "forum"..Try it.

    • Not yet, and I know I've been forewarned by you...Still would like to wait at least for the coming quarterly report...Raised lots of cash this week (and last) and I have my "buy" list of stocks but none are at my buy target levels as yet...Market is actually looking pretty weak in alot of areas...Think September may offer some great buying opportunities..

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      • Agreed, market is weakening. The R word next year??? is the ride almost over???

        I'm trying to only buy stocks with high relative strength. Not sure where the leadership is right now with housing and energy stocks selling off...they say semis will be strong second half '05 and in '06...what say you Fighton? Whats on your watchlist? If memory serves you were in MRVL at one time, no?

        BTW according to YHOO today HITT only showed a .05 cents price fluctuation all day...???? Whats up with that? Been waiting for my buying dip!


        ps: SIMO hits $14 by next earnings report imo. I've been watching the action there CLOSELY the last two days. Been practically all institutional buying. You and I both know theres only one reason for that..they see much higher prices coming.