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  • sudnwealth sudnwealth Sep 21, 2005 4:32 PM Flag

    Fighton, that was a well timed sale of

    CY. Caught your post on that thread. Congrats.

    Tough market right now. I sold my BSM @ $7.50 2 weeks ago and just initiated another position in the 4's, after visiting the company and talking to management. Thats gonna be a long term hold. Very speculative but the potential is awesome.

    SIMO has been very, very strong and TOMO broke out today. May add some more TOMO tommorrow. But i got nailed on Lasersope so i dumped it today. Thats the way it goes....

    Sitting on 75% cash...ready to pounce!


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    • ...Dang Sudn you have been hot fella!
      SIMO...great call and thanks for no "I told you so's" LOL!

      Been looking at BSM...Very interesting technology and prospects. Yah think this is a good place to establish a position?

      I also have lots of cash on hand now thanks to my CY sale...Got lucky on the timing on that one!

      Looking at BSX down in here but think it can go to 22 NT..Also OSIP for a rally...ONXX with some results coming shortly but will only buy under 20...


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      • Yup,

        i like BSM $4.50 range and below. My plan is it add another 1k in the 3's should it go there, but that should definitely be bottom

        the thing you have to watch is some positive news coming out and its back to $6 fast if your not watching it. Hence, I took a smaller position for now with a plan to add in the 3's, in fact a 'mon back would be my plan $3.50.

        Keep an eye peeled on TOMO and LTON too. i think both of em just stepped into the starting blocks...