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  • mikeylikes05 mikeylikes05 May 28, 2007 11:25 AM Flag

    A bloody Kentucky Kingdom

    A friend of mine was in from St. Louis this weekend so we gathered up the kids an went to Kentucky Kingdom. I havent been there in years so with their new waterpark expansion thought I would give it a try. The park looks alot better than it did last time I was there. Most of the rides and food stands seemed freshly painted. Everything was going great until we entered the waterpark. We went to rent a locker and the line was at least 50 people long. Appearently they have a new locker system that was malfuntioning and had to open each locker by hand. The attendant working the booth was fairly nice and appologized for our inconvience. Then came the nightmare. My friends little girl was in the wavepool about waste deep when she got hurt. She stepped on something in the pool that put a nice gash in her foot. We rushed her into first aid and to our suprise there were 5 other people being treated for the same thing. We asked the EMTS just what was going on and he said when they had painted the pool they painted over sharp shards of rock. WHY DIDNT THEY CLEAN IT BEFORE HAND! One of the guest I had talked to said an ambulance had to be called for one girl that was hurt. We heard another guest say they could see blood in the pool. Im sure alot more people got hurt on Saturday than I even know. Why wouldnt they close the pool and fix the situation? Instead they just kept it open! In conclusion the park looked better than in years past but is not being managed appropriatley. Maybe they'll fix it when the lawsuits start comming.

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