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  • rbg5r rbg5r Apr 27, 2005 7:43 AM Flag

    Take this to the bank!


    YELL, breaking 50 with so much force is important. Forget the pennies here an there. The floor was 50. Now 50, should become a ceiling. That doesnt mean YELL wont pop over it by 20-75 cents. Or even hit 51.75. But , the reality is, thats the ceiling. So take it from there. If your a trader, buy when is bottoms here, or sell when it pops up to that level. This of course is BASED on the imformation thats out there right now. Remember
    The market is never wrong. An YELL is a pure institutional stock. The smart money is getting out, an has been for awhile.

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    • What a pile of nonsense....are you a fool or a fraud?

    • "If i am not mistaken.....Teamsters sit on the board of directors for Swift.....I could be wrong but I think i saw that once..... "

      Ooh, baby, that is about the funniest thing I've ever read! Talk about your 'cold day in hell' scenario! Moyes would never allow the IBT on his Board.

      I second the statement made by sdrawk - I think this is the first time I've ever agreed with the teamsters on an issue, but I do in regard to Moyes.

    • I wish we could have voted on that stock purchase choice! Bad choice! Moyes is a good salesman!

    • If i am not mistaken.....Teamsters sit on the board of directors for Swift.....I could be wrong but I think i saw that once.....

    • Teamsters had stock in Swift?

    • No! Don't make me look at Moyes. That sob has so many inter-connected companies and conflicts with himself, directors, relatives, etc. The Teamsters put out a couple of good analyses about Moyes and Swift/Central. Not sure why they did it, but for once in my life, I kind of agreed with the Teamsters! He and Fasso took a good company and ruined it. If you like penny stocks, see Central Freight (CENF) soon. Fasso went from making I think around $650k as LTL Group President at USF to making $3 mil. at Central and has partial ownership of the real estate company that owns Central's property. What a total and complete scam.

      over and out and disgusted

    • I agree we are headed for support at around $40, which will be a great buying opportunity, not unlike early 2004 when I was able to buy in at $31 (sold at $63 last month). The economy is solid, this downdraft is due to nervous institutional rotation out of cyclicals. The transports will come back (though maybe not to new highs) when the market realizes that all is well.

    • Where the hell do you bank?

      This stock had a gradual increase, went over 50 last Nov. and dropped back below recently. Nothing spectacular there. And it got around 60, so what are you talking about a ceiling of 50. The value went up after the Roadway acquisition and it will likely come up again if the USF integration is a success.

      I don't understand people who think they can influence the price of a stock with their little comments on a finance board. I don't think the major institutional investors come here for their analysis.

      over and out

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      • are you blind!vol on 8 apr was the trigger,the market is about to fall of a cliff,naz in freefall s and p at the same position technically as in sept 2000 what happened there,remember? higher gas ,less demand for transport, durable goods out today lowest number since 2002 sep, it isnt rocket science, but you have to have a clue,sorry low 40s easy