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  • the_preacher_returns the_preacher_returns Dec 1, 2004 1:49 PM Flag

    Bush Woman-Hating FDA to stop Intrinsa

    Anything that encourages sexual acttivity among women is seen as verboten.

    Just like the phony warnings about breast cancer and abortion.

    the religious right controls these Admin. appointments, folks. They aren't about to let a product like this on the market.

    Make no mistake, this is about hatred of women. Deep-seated pathological male sexual insecurity, masquerading as religious conviction.

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    • There are plenty of testosterone drugs available for doctors to prescibe - all approved. Proctors' claim were too broad, a $100,000,000 gamble that went wrong.

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      • << There are plenty of testosterone drugs available for doctors to prescibe - all approved. Proctors' claim were too broad, a $100,000,000 gamble that went wrong. >>

        While t is available for other uses, no t product is approved for use in this indication. Do you really think t should be prescribed in doses/forms that work to make small boys grow a little taller, or beef up football lineman? Without clear scientific study you really place women given t in doses and forms that have not been carefully studied in harm's way. Recall what the concerns are here. There won't be any long-term follow-up of women who get this product off-label. Hence there could be real problems no one ever becomes aware of, or there could be protective effects no one will understand.

        This is why the FDA originally allowed an expedited review for the product. My opinion is that the environment -- cox-2's and all the attendant critisim of the agency endured -- caused the problems, not issues with the product itself. Clearly they've approved products with significantly bigger safety problems. Had it been 6 months earlier or 6 months later, who knows. Net, I wouldn't count P&G out yet. This is a real medical need that will be filled.

    • I have to agree with the preacher here. I mean Viagra causes strokes and heart attacks, but it was fast tracked for approval because so many GOPers can't get it up.

      GOP is about old-tyme sexual values. Namely: Woman in the kitchen, and the man off in his oversized american car cruising for blowjobs from street hookers.

    • You may be right about the religious nuts running this country, but I have to disagree with you. The patch is developed for the sake of men. Just like the whole sexual revolution, the men benefit and the women suffer. And I'm a flaming liberal and feminist. The whole thing is silly, and I feel sorry for any woman who would wear a testosterone patch so she can keep her man.

    • LOL, now that your propaganda spew is over, men have always been in touch with their sexuality while women just need this and that and more to try to come to grips with theirs, your feeble attempt to rewrite history is laughable...but typical none the less...

      Still angry that Bush won??? Just accept it and move on, unless you want to continue losing elections with silly theories like yours...

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