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  • longmemory85 longmemory85 Jun 3, 2005 1:32 PM Flag


    Fun watching this message board but I don't understand why so many opinions on how PG has performed. Here are the true facts you can check out YAHOO historical prices adjusted for Div. and splits. I will use 1/12/2000 because that date was last high for PG. Ten years on or near 1/12 each year as follows adj div. and splits as follows. 1995 $9.64, 96 $14.45, 97 $19.98, 98 $31.69, 99 $34.94 2000 $47.45 01 $29.57 02 $33.93 03 $39.92 04 $48.26 05 $55.97. If you invested $1000 1/12/95 you would have $5806 today. Not a bad ten year return. If we look at last five years the move has only been from $47.45 to $55.97 not so good in fact stock today $o.70 less than 1/12/05. I retired from PG in 1990 you do the math.

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    • 'If you invested $1000 1/12/95 you would have $5806 today. Not a bad ten year return.' You need a math lesson, $1000 would have got you about 56 shares in 95, then in todays price that would be about $3888. Personally I'd rather have invested in IBM that would yeilded a better return at about $7800. P&G is nothing more than a MARKETING company, and they suck at it.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • "you need to chill out"


    • CV, I'm sorry, but you need to chill out a little sometimes. WW is not one of the "sky is falling" folks or someone who posts blatantly false crap for the sake of reaction. He has his reasons for his position...right or wrong, its how the guy feels. As you are wont to say....a person's position needs to take into account the relative promise of other investment options (not to mention each person's risk tolerance, investment goals, investment horizon etc).

      No one should be threatened by (reasonable) critical thought. It might make you re-examine the facts and either help you improve your investment plan, or perhaps reinforce it.

    • "It apparently ruffles feathers..."

      ...and here's why. You say PG is headed for the low 40's. Now you say it won't go down significantly in the short term. Then you say PG will likely be flat or stagnant. Now you say it's got short term upside. You say you sold 70% of your PG at essentially the same basis and share price as today yet now selling PG is the wrong decision for you.

      Can you blame me for not knowing what your true positions are?

    • I really have no idea what your point is. NO ONE denies that PG took a really big hit in 2000. That's just a matter of record. The reasons for the drop have been discussed ad-nauseum. Not much more can be said.

      Are you saying history can repeat itself? Of COURSE it can. But you gotta look at the risk vs. potential return from this point forward. In 2000 the PG PE was in the mid-40's. The market was at the peak of the longest bull market in history. What is PG's PE now? What are PG's earnings now? How much do you thnk PG's earnings will grow in the future? Do you think PG learned anything since the stock drop?

      Regarding return...what is your annualized return over your holding period? My guess is it's 12 - 15% DESPITE the 2000 drop. Most people view that as a pretty good return.

    • Thanks for an informative post. Tired of the insults, and inability of some to act like human beings. questionable language,and insults do not belong on this board, or any board for that matter. PG is a great company, and will be around long after we are all gone.

    • "I retired from PG in 1990"

      Interesting. 1990 is the year the P&G plant closed in Chicago. Is that where you worked?

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      • Came from acquisition with 25 years service acquired by PG and stayed 5 years with PG. Made out well with options and parachute from aquired Co. and PG was great when I turned 55 five years later. Have been selling some holdings of PG each year since 1990 but still nice having 8 figue IRA account. PG a great company if you start with them but I did not enjoy my 5 years. Working for a smaller company was better but I say again PG was very good to me. If you want to know my month of retirement my PG stock number is $2.53 YAHOO can solve this riddle for you.

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