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  • rbell4 rbell4 Mar 23, 2009 5:32 PM Flag


    Greed is rampant today in the capital markets , This country (USA) is full of greedy people, in every walk of live and every occupation in this USA or world, we need more government control of the companys out there ,They say fair market policy will weed out the poor managed companys , I do not feel that will work nowadays - to much GREED my friend, they will rip off first , and worrier about the laws later . sorry to be so negative but that is the way i see capitalism working out today. GREED - me first - me first - @%&^ the other guy or the large company I work for today- they think the company they work for has lots of money and the goverment will bail them out . We need more government regulation !!!

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    • Greed is everywhere to some degree...Business, government, the work place.... The ave. American has tens of thousands of dollars on credit cards making minimum payments. who will oversee all greed.... You do realize that our government is in debt to the tune of 10 trillion dollars. You want thhis entity to patrol greed? The more government regulates the less individual freedom we retain.
      Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness...
      In our society there are winners and losers...The government is propping up the losers and giving this insane bill to the doers, now and to the future work force years down the road.
      The Elite always strive for the perfect utopia world...The intentions seem good but the methodology is less than pragmatic. We are a nation of laws...if you break it, you should pay the price....if your business must go away and someone else who can do it better comes along.
      Up is down and down is up right now...

    • another drab olive colored clothing wearer.
      grab your pitchfork and start working the field because if gov't regulates business any more than it does now we will be going back to the stone ages and you will have to grown your own food.

      have you ever been in a law library?
      ask the librarian where your counties regulations are.
      then ask where the state regulations are.
      when you are done with that ask where the federal regulations are.
      finally ask the librarian if there are any other regulations and read those too.

      its amazing you can still get a loaf of bread at the store with all the regulations we have.
      oh ... and then you have to deal with the lawyers so you better ask the librarian where the federal and state case law is located.

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