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  • petemeatt petemeatt Jan 6, 2013 3:40 PM Flag

    Apple is P/G of technology world. There sure are a lot of nasty scuzzies on this site

    Try this: Sense of humor necessary, must know how to spell "cat", can not be easily confused, and not too literal. Essence: Need somebody who understands Brazilian LTNs,what they are, what they mean, and who wants them. That was easy Know what????? India is growing at 6% per year. That is a lot of madras shirts. Remember those???? Very valuable...but that a turnip in the blender????Food is great. but what about George Washington's first ironing board???.Man...that is valuable. have you seen his cleaning bill???
    Okay. Time for a change. Guess what??? I am talking about Brazil and it is not nuts!!! Need to know that there are international financial professionals who understand dynamics of historical bonds. That being: There are no PPP for these instruments, nobody is going to pay billions, there are no sovereign buyers, the SEC has nothing to do with these bearer bonds that were issued by various countries, for the explicit purpose of restructuring their debt. The Fed has nothing to do with these..nor does EU. They are private(not world market) transactions that are consummated along the lines of auctions for rare paintings, coins, cars etc. The eccentric millionaire, who craves the last candle lit at Last Supper, or the egg carton that Paul Newman used in "Cool Hand Luke", John Huston's beer mug, Katherine Hepburn's corset from her wedding. I need the "polo pony" types with money to burn and eccentric, elaborate, and expensive know...odd balls, who read War and Peace in a day, and retired at age 8. Further and very exciting information forthcoming.Oh yeah..please do not tell me that they are not here. They are hiding

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