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  • spcrash spcrash Apr 15, 2013 11:48 AM Flag

    58% americans see 30% drop of stock market


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    • I half heartedly searched for this article on yahoo, and came up empty. But, I am curious to the make up of those that were polled. What was the consistency of the polling field. Average Joe Lunchbox who may look at his 401K once or twice a year probably would agree with a 30% drop, but other than looking at a prospectus statement every year or biannually what working knowledge of the stock market would he have to base his/her descision off of? I myself would rate myself above the level of Joe Lunchbox, but I am not in high finance either, so my opinion would be suspect as well. Having said that, I did very well when I invested in cardboard a few years ago. I bought in @ $.17/ton and now it is up to $.25/ton and I bought 5 tons of it!! I only have to store 3 tons of it at my house. I am bullish on PG long and plan on DRIPing it for the next 20+ years. I have gotten way off subject. Sure 30% could happen. The stock market can't just keep climbing like Jacob's Ladder. I will close this by saying I am strong buy on PG, The Ohio State University Buckeyes, The Cleveland Browns, and The Cincinnati Reds.

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