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  • wthomas68561 wthomas68561 Mar 15, 2012 6:32 AM Flag

    A Sad and Demeaning Joke

    Investors in HRID should be outraged by the recent press release announcing the "positive coverage" of HRID by Advent Financial. The Advent report on HRID is nothing more than a regurgitation of all the previous fraudulent press releases, for pay "pumps" and outright lies set forth by HRID; this time in a format that includes some color and graphs and sales projections that are supported by no meaningful data. A fourth grader could see through the vacuousness of this report and investors should rightly feel insulted that this has been foisted on them in place of reliable facts and information.

    Advent Financial is so called annalist group that exists (since 2011) only to pump worthless companies such as HRID one at time. It exists only as a website, has no employees and has only a "virtual" office - no physical presence, only a crafted illusion for gullible investors. The author of the "report" is a for compensation writer and executive in Alliance Advisers LLC. Alliance is just another boom-time creation, now fallen on hard times, that now has to stoop to writing BS reports to make payroll.

    The Advent "report" is a sad and demeaning joke and gives this clear and resounding warning to current and prospective investors: "stay away; get out."

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    • I agree on that presswire kind of makes you feel like MM thinks we are a bunch of morons.. Too much news is not good when it has non worthy content. I think that was an attempt by MM to keep the stock level. I still believe in this stock though and will wait it out. I am brand new to penny share trading and sure I have lot to learn. GL to all,,,,

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