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  • josejimenezrubenstein josejimenezrubenstein Nov 15, 2008 9:24 AM Flag


    I plan to unload about 2000 shares of this dog before ex date in December so I don't get stuck with the capital gains from the guy who left the fund in January.

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    • I have been long term with this fund for over ten years and am finally moving to the sidelines for a while. It touched $57 last week, and seems to be falling with the rest of the market. I will be back!!

    • Good to see. One of my top 5 investments for sure. I just couldnt believe seeing others bailing after a weak 2008 and early 2009. Other hot funds for me have been BGRFX, PTSGX, and SSMVX. Take a look--best of luck to all.

    • In hindsight, I guess it wasn't too smart to sell this back in December. It is up 16% YTD!!.

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      • It may be up YTD but I am a 10 year holder who has reinvested all dividends and capital gains, and I am still underwater. Factor in inflation and the taxes I paid over those years (on the "gains") and the real loss is very significant.

        Of course the real question is where does RPMGX (and all stocks/mutual funds) go from here. I am very apprehensive about our economy, the value of the $$, and our long term ability to compete in a global market. High inflation within a year or two is almost a certainty, and it appears our elected "leaders" are hell bent to continue huge deficit spending. Add in the fact that I have little faith or trust that most companies give a hoot about the shareholder or that government can or will adequately protect the rights of the shareholder.

        I know it sounds gloomy--and it is. Anyone have any good suggestions on where to invest at this moment.

    • Make sure before you sell it, its as low as humanly possible.

    • Why do you want to sell? I have this in my 401k and am buying more of it ever two weeks. I feel the market has or is close to hitting bottom. Don't see a fast rise in price of the market, but believe it will start to be a slow rise. Thats why I buying into the market now. Thats my thoughts, yours?


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      • I agree with you 100% Joe!

        Now's the time to buy this thing while everyone & their brother is selling. Even more so if you have 5 or more years till retirement.

        My thoughts are that it's a little late to be selling this position. If people are cost averaging into a 401 retirement fund I would step it up.

        I moved 95% of my funds out of this position back on June 24th because the whole market appeared over valued & the sub-prime mess had not been priced in at that point. I had planned on moving almost all my chips back into this fund in October. Glad I didn't. My time horizon is only about two years. If I do make a move it might be next Spring. There's still some downside. It looks like GM & maybe Ford could go bankrupt next year & just that possibility will drag on the markets in the near future.

        But I repeat. If you're not ready to retire before 5 years I would be loading up!

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