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  • mcgraw22 mcgraw22 Jun 14, 2002 7:51 PM Flag

    $9.50 on Monday

    I'll be buying more when the morning push down goes on. People should really watch the trading patterns of this stock. I think it is in position for a huge move next week. I hope we end the week above $10 - $11. I am planning on a great weekend. All have a good father's day and if you are not a father do something special for your dad.

    Hold Long Hold Strong.

    Oh by the way I am not a paid pumper of this stock. Except if you consider when this stock goes to $40 I will be buying a new house with a Calpine pool.

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    • I sold shares today at 8.50$.

      This board is soooo nervous, understandaby, given that a lot of money has been lost by investors of CPN. On Monday it may go up, but it may go down as well.

      At the end of the day, the new plan should not be a big deal, given that the margins appear to be lower than expected. I hear from others that expansion plans are modified.

      Obviously, the management will inform us last.

      There is a lot of nervousness on this board. Madison disappears for half a day today, and I am sure that half of the regulars worry if he is somewhere else selling stock.

      As far as I am concerned this is not a stock to be trusted given that Calpine's management is not forthcoming with truth.

      Because of my attitude towards the company's management I will be very careful when I will buy again, if ever, and when I will sell. I may lose an opportunity to make some real money if the stock bursts upwards, but in reality I do not expect that this will happen.

      If it were to happen, it should have happened this week. CPN does not momentum.

      Even longs like Madison sold some. I am sure this will stay in the back of your mind, and you will wonder over the weekend if you should have done the same thing. I am also sure that you will wonder weather Madison put the money somewhere else and wheather you should have done the same thing.

      All of you who have built your future around calpine, I hope that you are right.

      For me, it is an unappealing stock, which does not generate enough excitment especially after I have lost a lot in the last 3 months. I may make money out of it someday.

      The management stinks and do not feel comfortable with a company whose management team is so secretive. Take as an example the recent rumor about turbine cancellations. If the rumor is correct, the management should have established periodic conference calls and should have explain this as a possibility to the Calpine shareholders, given that this is a material event which may change the profit outlook for the coming months. We should not have learned it through the grapevine.

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      • My holdings in CPN is in my play account. I do not recommend that individuals over weight in any stock. Saying that I am coming close to that point. I think CPN is a rare opportunity. You have a down scared market, and a stock that had some liquidity problems in a beaten industry, and one of the biggest scandals of the century.

        Now this would kill a lot of companies. CPN also is in an industry that people can not choose not to buy thier product. Their product probably is in short supplies and may be tested this summer. CPN has nego. long term contracts that will ensure cash flows.

        Their margins should increase on the unhedged portion of thier supplies, and even if they do not it is revenue that they did not have last year.

        Shorters especially Crammer has been bashing this stock. Now analysts are comming out of their shells and recommending CPN. It has been a dry spell as far as good information due to law suits against analysts and brokers.

        We still have a large short position out there. They have to be nervous you have the market major down on Thursday and Friday, and a bogus story in NYT being exponded or exagerated by Cramer and his pals. There was low volume and a price increase. The price dropped to $7.35 and low volume and the price recovered. This shows that the short squeeze should be hard.

        My recommendation is not to sell to much of your holdings below $20 lets make it painful for the shorts and get this price back to a reasonable place.

        We may have one of the best opportunities to make money in the long term.

        Hold Long Hold Strong.

        And with Mondays news I will be buying more in the morning.

      • thats funny i thought i was responsible for all shares traded at 8.50 in ah redibook today. i will buy them back monday am at 8.00.

      • argeio58=moron

        "Even longs like Madison sold some. I am sure this will stay in the back of your mind, and you will wonder over the weekend if you should have done the same thing. I am also sure that you will wonder weather Madison put the money somewhere else and wheather you should have done the same thing."

        It appears as though you base your investment decisions on what Madison is doing. I hope Madison doesn't suggest you jump off a bridge.

      • I do not often respond to these posts, but simply read and enjoy. However...

        Although you have a valid point, the one about the stock either going up or down next week, LOL, the rest of your statements are simply reactions and feelings that you have.

        In response to Calpine management being secretive... This is probably the most interesting statement that you made. Maybe you have not been around long, I am not sure, but a recent review of history may answer this question for you. However, since I am so sure that you will not do the research, I will fill you in. Let's see, a few months back, maybe when this stock last hit the year low, the SEC announced that they would be questioning CPN for apparently releasing privileged information prior to any formal announcement. They, basically, were slapped on the hands so doing a no no. Now you come along and want more information from them... Do you really think that they will make that mistake again??? Do you really believe that they will forward information that could be construed as insider information to anyone??? Get real. If you were a management person, would you not dot your "i's" and cross your "t's"??? The days of Calpine releasing information early are simply over for good reason. The market crushed them on something as simple as a questioning from the SEC. You can count on one thing... They will strickly follow the rules from now out without taking any risk, regardless of anyone's desire to hear things early.

        In regards to Madison selling... Who the hell are you to create BS about his and/or anyone else's position? Do you think that because he sold 27,000 shares, that those shares were not scooped up by the thousands of other long hands out there? But you wish to use that information to try and persuade other longs to sell??? For a mere 27,000 shares???!!!
        Let me give you a clue... Obviously there are new strong, long hands out there that were willing and able to scoop up a simple 27,000 shares. So in regareds to Madison selling, take that crap elsewhere and try to manipulate them. No one here buys you flawed logic.

        In regards to holding over the weekend??? That seems like a few days for more good news that possibly may come out... granted bad as well.

        The only statement of any validity that you made was one... This stock will either go up or down on Monday.

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