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  • mynewgreenjacket mynewgreenjacket Mar 27, 2004 9:01 AM Flag

    spoke with Andy's assistant Friday

    I wanted to discuss our impact from the news on the selection of the Medicare card providers (go see news for WLP and MHS, we are associated with both). I also asked about the upcoming earnings.

    She could not say anything over the phone. News and an sec filing are due by the end of the month. She sounded upbeat. I wanted to hear about our client/partnerships/etc. Be patient.

    Thanks to the posters who found the six jobs listed at and monster. Do a company search "healthramp" for the ny area.

    bling bling

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    • Sounded upbeat. They all sound upbeat.

      If earnings were good, they would have issued a P/R more than a week ago to announce.

      They are keeping it low key, because it sucks.

    • This coming week is the week we never look back.

      I plan on holding this at least a couple years pending on achievements.

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      • I was at a party and had a talk with a health care administrator. He indicated a selected area of service tried using e-prescriptions-from---he was not sure--stated allscripts. The doctors hated it-stating they could do it much faster themselves. He indicated the doctors first had to start from a general classification of drugs and work their way into the drug they finally wanted. Took a long time hitting the pad to finally get where they wanted. They finally got rid of it. He stated that smarter technology
        "the computer doing the thinking" was needed. He stated to order was a long process. He looked at me and stated-we simply could not argue with the doctors to keep this up when writing one out was 1/5 the time. Question-Does anyone know the extent of ease-hopefully-Healthramps is??? Did they cover this base?? From the discussion I heard it really needs to be just a couple quick pokes at the pad otherwise it will be easier writing them out. Currently they simply enter it into a computer to have the prescription printed out.

        Comments most welcome.