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  • jbkenser jbkenser Feb 19, 2010 11:33 AM Flag

    To all shorts/bashers

    I am going to display a simple question. Where in your dd of this company did you decide that it was a good idea to short this stock? Where is the downside? My guess is that you're all fake and I won't receive a single worthwhile response, if any. And don't give me the stupid answer of THE INSIDERS ARE SELLING!!!!!!!!!!! Cus selling a .05 percent of their total holdings isnt scaring anyone. A worthy response will be highly noted.

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    • your missing the peek on the subsequent bounces up, if you adjust it correctly we closed at the 12 month resistance

    • Just reiterating an fyi I posted a few days ago. Mr.Crossman's, along with other manager's,"selling" were prescribed components of their compensation arrangements. These folks draw regular pay like anybody else that works for a living. It's a tremendous good sign when executives have faith that their stock and option positions will perform well enough to help pay their salary. My reaction when I saw those shares moving was "They worked hard for every penny!" I guess some people don't bother reading financial statements or other sundry SEC filings. lol Oh well. All that means is there will be more for the smart ones.

    • okay, you have proved me wrong with all your wisdom. I don't know how I can respond back to such profound reasoning as Dumb A$$. You have beaten me. Am I the 22 year old or are you?

    • Well, I guess if your experience tells you thats whats gonna happen than i'm glad you have convictions. It's good to have a plan as a trader. However, I've been trading for about ten years now and my experience tells me this stock is'nt going down. I have been in since 1.66 and have been adding all the way up to 2.09. #1 rule in trading: The trend is your friend, stick with it. Good tradin to ya.

    • itll have to go back to 1.29 for you to get a better price than me

      good luck ....

      theres nothing wrong with waiting for a better price

      you and me both will be backing up the truck at 1.90

    • This stock doesnt operate like the trading in most stocks you see! Just see a history of this stock trading and you'd know what I am saying. But then you limited 30 day trading experience probably is not enough to know that dumb a$$.

    • i believe based on my experience in trading(apparently a 22 year old must be inexperienced)that when stocks like JOEZ has had such run-ups and people start jumping on them like free candy is being given out, that there is generally a pull/market correction. Fundamental or no fundamental, it is just the way trading is done. But I'm just a 22 year old. But watch the stock and you know what I believe and in the next week or two we will see who was right. If you made your 10 cents going up or I got the better price and it went back to two or below.

    • 22 makes you inexperienced by definition .....

      LEGALLY you have to 18 simply to open up your own online trading account .....

      giving you the benefit of the doubt that you opened up your etrade account as a graduate out of highschool ---- you havent seen much in 4 years (and thats also assuming you traded everyday)

      assuming you have been watching stocks since you were 10 years old ..... trading is quite different when ACTUAL MONEY is being used

      good luck to you waiting for JOEZ to pullback to 1.90

      I dont think itll happen .... but thats an amazing entry point if you get it

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      • As a matter of fact, I did open a trading account right after high school but I had an extra year in high school in my senior year where I was in a business class and took place in a stock market competition. Basically trading without real money but getting the experience of buying and selling and I finished in second place with a profit of $33,000 in 3 months of trading limited to only 100 trades. But it was just a game and not real money and I will concede that fact.

        As for little experience, this market the last two three years has been the craziest since who knows when. Everybody is saying that they don't know what to expect anymore and that you can no longer invest for the future. That this is a traders market. I don't believe that to be 100% true but there is some truth to that effect. Being that this is such a wild market, the experience gained in watching and trading in it is something that you and your peers cannot match or buy. To learn how to trade in such a market is an advantage i got to learn in the moment when I first started trading, while you guys lost your shoes and had to adapt. Experience, I'm right on par with you guys if not better in this market. But I'm not one to care much about experience because at the end of the day, all that matters is the money in the bank. It doesn't matter whehter you're 22 or 65.

    • Good chart. It sure says a lot. Thanks.

    • Bashers are one thing, shorts are another...they're non-existent w/ only 50K-ish shares short

      ...outside of fear-mongering to accumulate at lower prices, who knows what motivates bashers since there aren't many shares to short and no options available

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