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  • cdh333mom cdh333mom Sep 15, 2010 9:47 AM Flag

    Nice to see us in the green

    while TRLG, BKE, ICON and GPS are in the red.
    Can someone help me get in my skinny jeans? I threw my back out yesterday and feel like a mummy today.

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    • Are you lost?


    • Jesse is my granpa and we met in my dream. I picked up on CRUS from thsi board and thought that it was a good quick trade and got in and out quickly for 0.9 profit. Don't follow BORN, but trading now CAGC and DGW.
      Good luck with BORN and please respect my grandpa. RIP Jesse. We love yah.

    • Sure he did. Are we talking about another lifetime.
      Let me see. Jesse Livermore has been dead since 1940, and he sat you on his knee did he, Yip-yap? I see you followed me to the crus board, and in case you haven't noticed, but I'm sure you have I said I bought BORN. Been leaving you a trail, just for the heck of it. Question is, do I really own them?
      Ha ha ha ha ha.

    • Your post bring sweet memories, because Jesse was my grandpa. I fondly remember when he put me on his laps and told me, and I quote:

      Yip, alway follow the trend. Buy more as the stock goes up. Buy stocks with new high.

      Beinga rebel, I don't follow his wise advice. But mostly he was dead right.

      RIP granda. I miss you everyday.

    • You got to know Mr. Market personality, like he is Mr.Bull, Mr.Correction, Mr.Bear or he is serious, joking, even he fool you sometime. I had read the book "How To Trade In Stocks" by Jesse Livermore. Some of his philosophy which I don't agreed with, like you cannot buy the dip but only to strong company, not to a weak company. You should read this book. Remember his philosophy is mostly technical stock chart analyst, you need much more than that which is "The Heart of Economy" like GDP, Housing inventory, Consumer confidence index, so on to back up your claim. It is all about taking "calculate risk" like use small position and build up your position by dollar cost average as oppose to "over confident risk" which is put down large sum on money at one time. This year I made small amount of money, because either 2 thing which are lack of patience and overtrade. Or I bail out too quickly. That is the game. Next year I will do better, if Mr.Bear still sleeping.

    • Yes, I am kidding, I will keep my fantasy to myself. I want to keep this job as you know it is lot harder find a job with a good pay with benefit and 401k. Plus it is only 10 min drive from my apt. So I like to move around and keep busy as oppose to sitting on the chair and watch Mr.Market, but I am going to miss stock market action.

    • It is.


    • Basin, Brad is just a pleasant fella on this board, who harms no one, so the rest I just ignore.

    • Gem, I had seen recently that he had got a job, that's great I had no idea of anything beyond that except that you guys are like best friends here and he's got the "hots" for you, lol....

    • I hope you are just kidding Brad, or it won't be your hearing disability they'll be worried about. If your going to be putting anything in the closet, it better be those fantasies, they have no place in a working environment. You'll do fine, if you just stick to the job at work.

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