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  • matthew_and_january matthew_and_january Sep 24, 2010 1:59 PM Flag

    Only Joe's...

    Can manage to drop 4% on a 2% market up day. You'd expect the typical small cap retail stock to rally as a multiple of the market, but not Joe's...

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    • Ashton, my correction to earlier post, I've been chasing PANL since earlier in August (following it for a bit under 2 years) before my vacation/trip to Malibu for my friend's son's Bar Mitzvah, you know who I mean, lol... So it made finally catching PANL (3600 shs) today that much more rewarding since I never could tell if/when I might get lucky and "catch that darn Wabbit" LOL!!!!

      And yeah, what a joy to see it have the nice day it had and basically up nicely so maybe those prayers during the Holidays are starting to pay some "residuals" LOL!!! I don't think I'll be flipping them, I'll see how things go from here but nice to watch while finally owning,lol... I think it should continue on the path it's been on since it finally "Popped" from $9 to $14 and hasn't stopped, so I think it could go to $40 before long and that would make for a very nice gain and the best part most all of my portfolios are my IRA's so no Capital Gains, just the way us Tax accountants like it, LOL!!!

      To add to this lovely day a lot of 2500 shs of that other Denim stock you took a position in did it's thing for me and I flipped those $19.36 shs when my price I set right after buying them on 9/17 of $21.54 fought it's way up towards the end of the day went in 2 lots 700 and then the see-saw from $21.49 to the closing price of $21.58 which meant when I checked back in at 4:05 aftert doing some "other work" meant that I had hit "BINGO"!!! That's the only way I "Truely" know how to play this market game... Still have my bids of $19.54 sitting there, because I like to hedge myself when I can so in case the price goes down I add and if it happens to go up like it has the past few days and since 9/17, I am more than happy to sell/flip em...

      Hence you can see why I consider this stock here a POS, doesn't work in my scheme of how to make $$$, but if one is a "True Long" here than GLTA if/when it works out, as you know I still have my 15K shs of which 40% avg cost is $2 but the rest I bought post earnings at what looked like a good price of $2.90 having slumped down from $3.60, so I guess I am Long on those till G-d knows when???

      Peace out and I hope some of my info here gets utilized by you, so you can buy me a few rounds if/whenever we meet, LOL, HAHAHA!!! : )


    • Ashton, great news, my bid finally came in on PANL this morning had it set at $23 for a few days, been chasing it for 2 weeks or so starting out at $18.90 but it hasn't seen a down day since to speak of.... Already up 2%, that's why I feel J O E Z is a loser, no $$$$ to be made here, moves only pennies and just not worth my time or effort, not when there are "real opprotunities" out there to make real $$$ while we're still young, lol!!!

    • Hey j o e z is (certainly better than what)what up homey, how come this pos is not playing along with the market up swing like all my other holdings??? mba, what up with you too, $3 guaranteed for the cc right on bro, if not i'm gonna find you and and slap some smarts into your day dreamin' head, lol!!!

    • this stock never fails to disappoint.

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