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  • bradley_copp bradley_copp Dec 29, 2012 11:23 AM Flag

    Stop by Fashion Valley Mall, I'm not too impress with this small store location but

    the Manager there did a great job to get "Lean and Mean inventory in check". Just before couple day for Christmas, this store was empty no customer but I checked out True Religion store and that store was also empty. Oh well. Also Macy's is now selling Skinny, but ELSE slim down from 3 x to 1 x due to make room for another popular 7 for Mankind jeans which is similar to ELSE. Good news Skinny is getting popular as well with ELSE.

    Cheer, happy new year!

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    • Well, the good thing about the small store is the rent. I think in these premium stores, you don't have a lot of customers in there at one time. Makes sense to cut the rent by 30% by going smaller, and make the breakeven point much lower. Like the chances of these locations quickly becoming profitable. Just have to pay a low rent, and one or two employees to staff it. Sell what,about 3 pairs of jeans at $175 at 75% margins a day to breakeven?

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      • Stop by today, I talked to supervisor at the new Joe's Jean store, she transfered there from Carlsbad and she said the store is doing very well. I agreed with your thought about small store with 2 or 3 staffs can generate more profit. I asked the staff what if customer can't find what they are looking for and he said they have to go online. I don't see belts, shoes and so on. Mostly jeans and pants, shirts and so on.
        I went back to Macy's to check out how ELSE doing and It was my mistake that I told anyone in this board that ELSE down from 3x to 1 and because I didn't see ELSE in the back. So ELSE is still 3x more than the first time I was there couple months ago. Also Skinny are selling there and they are selling well too. Cheer, Happy New Year.

    • my sister in law is 30, she has 2 kids, married. She saw my Daughter in Joes Jeans Christmas day. She said she got a pair of 7 for all man Kind jeans for Christmas, 300 bucks.. Also she mentioned you can not go cheap on Denim.. She does not make that much money either, but she spends what she has on Quality Denim..

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