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  • gemsaregreen gemsaregreen Feb 7, 2013 12:41 PM Flag

    PNP try to credit the author

    of your quote. If you are going to dissect a quote it's only fair. Are you suggesting Marc Crossman wrote
    this quote? If not, how is he responsible for how someone else describes the product. I saw Joe's
    mentioned and prominently displayed in photos on three sites. Considering Jessica was only there 24
    hours, there are lots of photos of Joe's Motto Sweater Jacket $189.

    So that is 4 stars in less than two I've seen, pretty good, wouldn't you say?
    PNP you really are trying to hard to make Joe's look bad, when they are not responsible, and you are
    failing miserably.

    Who said $1.30 would be hard to attain. Hey PNP didn't you and Rics imply .30. Well you got the .30
    part right so far, you just missed the dollar figure. Retail is being upgraded this past week. Trlg beat
    by a penny? What will Joe's do? Better?

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    • peter_norths_proctologist peter_norths_proctologist Feb 7, 2013 12:57 PM Flag

      The quote about Jessica Biel wearing "Joe's Jeans sweater" was taken from a fashion blog. Not from Crossman or anyone related to the company.

      But that just proves my point. Even people who know fashion consider this brand to be a jeans brand. Subconsciosuly, they just automatically put the word "jeans" after Joe's name. This is not going to stop unless Crossman makes a grand effort to rebrand under the Joseph Dahan umbrella.

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      • I don't think it proves your point at all. You suggest that the name should highlight the creator,
        Joe Dahan. Who is Joe Dahan to the w.orld? I hate to say 'nobody', but that pretty much is the
        case. The man has had at least 10 years to make himself known, and he hasn't. The other names
        you speak of , have. IMO it would be a mistake to do so now. When you go to the website it says
        Joe's not Joe's Jeans.When the articles mention a product being worn such as the one you
        quoted today and the 3 I've seen today say Joe's, not Joe's Jeans. Since they began with 'jeans'
        and still produce at least 50% in jeans, leave it at this point. If and when they become more known
        with other products having a much heavier weight, they might scratch their heads about your
        picky point, but I don't think so. Their Else brand that just came out a year ago, what are they....
        jeans. Sounds like you want them to sabotage themselves?

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