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  • peter_norths_proctologist peter_norths_proctologist Feb 11, 2013 1:21 PM Flag

    Joe's NorthPark store video

    I'm not able to post the link. Just go to Youtube and enter search for:

    "NorthPark center - Joe's"

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    • The most interesting thing on the video is that this is one of the new, smaller 1,000 sq foot stores. In the video, we got to see enough angles to pretty much the entire store, which is great, I was really interested to see how these stores looked. Obviously, kind of a narrow, but looks like it works. Plenty of room to show product...area doesn't need to be huge, all of these high end stores only have a few people in at a time. I'm sure they're saving thousands of dollars per month going smaller, and that will show up on the bottom line. Love the chances of these new stores becoming profitable.

      Thanks, good post.

    • Fantastic Pnp, and thanks. Now do you see why I say at this point there should be no focus to take the
      name 'jeans' out? Were those enough jeans for ya? I like the video, and the music, but and there always
      seems to be a but. This video is dated Feb.3. The store manager says we have a fit for everyone, no matter the body type, height, etc. The interviewer says but how do you know what fit you are and the
      manager, says 'we know by looking at you', that's why you come in". So here's my but.... true fit app should
      be out by now, where you can input the data yourself and know what you should be wearing and what size,
      without having to go into the store. So where is it? If I want to know, but have no desire to 'go in', or don't
      have the time etc. I want that option. It could be there is that option now, and this video is about North Park
      location, so they obviously want you to go in. I guess I answered my own question, you have the option to do either?.

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