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  • hammer7881 hammer7881 Jul 24, 2014 4:53 PM Flag

    anyone see the strange close

    so I was on streamer all day long and at the end of the day the price was 1.15, yet I see a closing price of 1.13, that makes no sense, I never even saw a bid of 1.13, did they get that price out of thin air?

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    • almost as strange as the PM today. not sure if it is a laugh that someone paid 15% up for 40 shares or to smile if they can bust this log jam loose. appears to me that someone is gathering and wants very much to keep the price in this trough. ah, what money can do to small stocks. fundamentally I am in joez for a long run.

    • Not sure how's it's happening, but if a small stock like this rises on heavy volume, it usually hits some watch lists that traders use...and the price rises shortly after that. Someone doesn't want this to hit the watch lists. Either someone is short, or wants to keep loading in the $1.13-$1.14 area.

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      • Some cretin bidwhacked with 10000 shares at the closing bell. Someone definitely does not want this to go up. Millions of shares traded over the last couple weeks and it's gone nowhere. Even when the MMs set the bid and ask higher than the close AH, some nitwit always unloads into it. Looks like $1.10 is support for now.

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