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  • hogsgeteaten12000 hogsgeteaten12000 Jan 6, 2010 4:12 PM Flag

    plastic to fuel catalyst that allows far lower temperatures and much greater efficiency.

    Enviro-Hub doing this with great success for several years. Is John "Knocking Off" the Chineese idea?

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    • hey, it's not about me, bro so D is insignificant, wish you the best, at least you can participate in civilized discorse... hge

    • Hogs, I think we can eliminate C, since John did in fact discover and build tape machines to capture degraded info on tapes from NASA and is sole sourced by them to read and digitally translate the entire archive. No one else has been able to do this. Thus, if C were true he would be destroying all previous relationships and businesses once "found out."Since this is highly unlikely, I discount it. Also, why would he return millions of his own shares to the treasury at .80 if "pulling a fast one" were his MO? Usually "crooks" do not follow through with everything they have said they would do, on time and to the letter. John has... So I eliminate possibility C.

      That leaves us with possibilities B or A.

      Consider B: Perhaps John is "overly optimistic and naive" as you put it, and will be "a huge disappointment." That is always possible. Consider, however, that John is a proven inventor (dirty bomb detector patent, tape data recovery inventor) and a technical whiz, evidence for which can be found in Canadian newspaper articles from years past.
      Why would an investor in Florida (Al Sousa) commit to starting 45 P2O sites if he didn't have very good evidence that the process "works" as stated? And why would John himself contract to have a tanker ship outfitted with the P2O machine for international service if he were "unsure" about the output and profit potential? I suggest that neither of these occurrences would be happening. I therefore discount possibility B

      Which leaves us with A.

      I guess the next 3-6 months will tell the tale of which of us is right. However, I must add that because you mentioned researching this stock when it was close to $1.00, I have another possibility,
      D, which I will call "sour grapes." Wishing you would have acted previously makes the gains you would have had in JBII seem sour, and hence it is difficult for you to endorse it now.

    • bluerooster, John is either A) A super upstarter really on to something and all the dreamy eyed JBII longs get rich,,, B)An overly optimistic, honest but naive huge disappointment or C)A good guy gone bad who has paid influential message board pumpers shares to help him run up a p&d shell he is spending a load of time on Facebook selling the great sounding but entirely bogus story, careful to let the pumpers blow out of all reasonable proportion so he does not go to jail or get banned from business..... Now I have seen plenty of option C) happen in one form or another a few option B) people may have been in the mix of penny stocks gone wild, but in the histroy of man option A) dream come true investments happen 1 in a million... jmho hge

    • "Enviro-Power is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Enviro-Hub Holdings Ltd. The PTF plant has the capacity to convert 30,000 tonnes of waste plastics into fuel annually. It is fully automated and requires less than 20 workers to operate the plant. The entire investment cost is estimated at S$15 million. The investment will be mainly funded by internal source. Concurrent to the construction of the plant in Singapore, the Group will also proceed to market this new services and similar plants globally. Interests from Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Philippines, Germany, New Zealand, Australia, and Brazil have also flown in."