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  • markmcgoldrick01 markmcgoldrick01 May 13, 2010 11:09 AM Flag

    Conference call notes

    I propose we use this thread to put together good candidates for questions for the next conference call. We need to let management know that this is enough!

    How many of you listened to the conference call. I read the transcript. I don't think they should be patting themselves on the back for a mediocre quarter and stock buybacks. The buybacks, in my opinion, are nothing more than an employee stock dividend booster at this point and favor insiders and institutional investors. If they want the stock to be noticed then a reverse split is more in order if they want to reduce share count.

    Let's go through a little history, they blew over 17 million on acquisitions the past few years, how did that work out? That kind of money would have been better spent on performance based compensation and commissions for salespeople in my opinion. Or possibly a larger ground footprint in the US and other countries.

    Let's say they have 15% less stock now than before. Has that helped us, the individuals or has it helped the ability of the insiders and institutional investors in the potential of taking this private. Certainly every company makes mistakes but it isn't 1999 anymore and they have had ample time to grow up and make money. This is not an incredibly difficult business and e-mail is not terribly difficult to do. Hosted e-mail is done by many providers and they have lost large customers as a result of their incompetence. I get learning curve issues, but testing is something that you can do and rollout can be done incrementally before major sales. Do they 'dogfood' there? They don't tell us.

    I have a server and it's been down a sum total of 28 hours in the past 6 years and it hosts mail. If you spend a lot of money for a company, don't hire the guy you know down the street to do your programming, do a worldwide search for the best provider. Maybe they did a good job or maybe they didn't. That wasn't explained to us either. A simple who screwed up and what lessons were learned would have been useful. Let's just move on and congratulate ourselves for spending money buying back stock.

    I am certainly unhappy in this issue at this point and if it doesn't move in the next 6-12 months I'll have to exit. I cannot wait 3 more years for them to make another capital wasting mistake.

    I think we should all get on the next call and put together notes to create the best questions to ask Noss so we can truly evaluate this company going forward.

    What do you think?

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