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  • banker45us banker45us Oct 5, 2001 10:06 AM Flag

    BBT :(

    BBT as I see it is to big for there britches.
    They try to operate too big in small towns and end up driving away 40 percent of the small to medium customers. Sure keep the big customers happy..but when the small and medium ones leave this is your market growth in these communities. Here in our town people cringe at the name BBT.. Rates and fees for the small people just don't cut it here. I think soon the stock will reflect it.

    Just my opinion

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    • EastNCYank said the following:

      "Also, my prediction about the benefits cost increases has come true. It looks like we have to pay about 30% more out-of-pocket for health insurance. That should effectively eliminate most people's 2% raises, if they cover families."

      Us small business owners will tell you that everyone is seeing 30% premium increases for health care insurance. Large and small companies are increasingly passing these hikes onto their employees. While it is a tough situation for the lower rung employees, it is nevertheless a fact of life today. Health care insurance is becoming an item that will soon be totally borne by the employee. Working for a large company will give better rates than working for, say, a ten person company. BBT's employees are a loyal lot and will continue with BBT no matter how these health care costs are ultimately borne.

      I am looking to add to our BBT holdings when the pricing starts oscillating between 29 and 31. With the increased size of the company, a 29 pricing is equivalent to the 25 pricing seen in March 2000 when BBT was a smaller company.

    • Oh yeah, bdazzlin. I can't let this slide either. Looks like from the timing of your posts you are using BB&T resourses, (i.e. internet access), to post personal messages on this board. Being at the level you are, no doubt you realize that's a code of ethics violation. And don't even try to say you're posting from home while on vacation. No one will buy that. To what standard do you hold your employees? Your own or the company's? Time to stop your hypocrisy.

    • Your attack merited no eloquent response. You summed all of my concerns about the raises and benefits with the words "a crock". And with your keen managerial insight, you determined from my posts that I am a "0% person". I suppose you will transfer that same methodology to your employees at review time. God help them if they voice their displeasure over the 2% raises.

      And thank you for the information regarding incentive bonuses being available to grade 19 and above. That essentially eliminates 95% of the employees in operations. Clearly the 2% raise will not affect you too severely if you reach your incentive goals. Your facism astounds me. You get the incentives, everyone else gets 2% and had better be happy about it.

      Fortunately I believe that most managers aren't like you, and am blessed that mine is your complete opposite. Of course, I'm also guilty of making severe assumptions based on a couple of posts.

      Also, my prediction about the benefits cost increases has come true. It looks like we have to pay about 30% more out-of-pocket for health insurance. That should effectively eliminate most people's 2% raises, if they cover families.

    • It impresses me that you are capable of such an eloquent response. Please don't tell people you work for BB&T. You do not "strike" me as one of our shining assets. The grade level for incentives is 19. I wouldn't expect someone of your caliber to know that. My point being that our benefits are very competitive for the industry and if your primary concern is the raise you are getting next year, you have bigger problems.

    • I would like to say amen to Stock's post. It is a shame that some people cannot express themself without showing how little they know about the use of the English language. Raging Bull has got to be better.

      I can well see why the old timers like Doctor Juno and others no longer care to have their names associated with this board.


    • It may be time to head back to Raging Bull's board to avoid this dreck. I believe in free speech, but I don't have to listen to this crap. Too bad......



      PS . Guess why you havn't heard any posts lately from the old crowd?

    • I'll go home when you get a brain, leave the Klan, and quit having sex with your sister, you stupid redneck jackass.

    • <EOM>

    • Well bdazzlin,
      You certainly "strick" me as a person who clearly has their head up their ass. And you don't work for BB&T. There are no incentive bonuses below a certain grade level, and I'm not sure at what grade they begin.

      On second thought, keep your head up your ass. You're probably more attractive that way.

    • What a crock ! Incentives most certainly exist in operations positions. As a manager and an employee you strick me as just the type of 0% person you have been refrencing.

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