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  • rogriddle rogriddle Jan 23, 2002 1:23 AM Flag


    BB&T Treats Employees Like Dogs.

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    • "The Little Things" such as loan quality. I know I don't need to explain why that is important to long-term profitability. Such as expectations. No one is sure what is expected anymore. We never had that problem in the past. Those are the two I am worried about. There are many more "Little Things" employees are worried about.

    • "This aggressive growth plan has forced the company to lose focus on the little things.."

      With respect, a comment like the one above is not helpful; because, no facts are stated. The obvious facts that are missing are:
      1) What are the "little things"?
      2) Why are they important to the long-term profitability of BB&T?

      Also, it would be interesting to know:
      3) What caused the changes?
      4) What new priorities ("big things" ?) are getting more focus than before.

      Without such thing, the post has zero information-content.

    • You understand things like more of long time employees. I see things changeing first week to week now day to day. Long term, when I see 3-5 year employees run off then more and more going after the 15-20 year employees. Management needs to be reviewed. Some in management positions, more over those from previous mergers are controling those under them and anyone who speaks out, soon are gone. I am worried about my stock. I am seeing accounts closed every day.

    • You are right and for the sake of my shares, I hope they wake up.

    • You shareholders better get a feel for what is going on here. Things are not what they used to be and are getting worse. This aggressive growth plan has forced the company to lose focus on the little things. I am a long time employee who is very concerned.

    • You must not have good contacts. I too have learned of many employees in one city being put on probation and of employees quiting due to the fact the management has put into place her own rules to work with, not BB&T. These employees are not disgruntled employees. They are some long time loyal, some three to five years. The management has taken on their own to live up to their threat to clean house and start new. I do not think BB&T has in their rules that management must tell an employee I am moving you because I do not like looking out my window and looking at your face. I do not blame this employee for leaving BB&T. She should have done more.

    • I don't know where you get your information from but employees at BB&T are treated very well. Most of the complaints are from disgruntled employees. Merger employees are having to put in a full day's work that quite a few of them are not use to. If you don't believe in BB&T's philosophy then the best thing to do is leave. Employees are not put on probation because of the way they wear their hair.

    • ATTILA !!

      Good to hear from you again.

      The point I was trying to address was that BBT does not often leave "local management" in place. Not sure what Fan was getting at. Either they do or they don't. Sounds like they don't an awful lot of the time. Sure there are always reasons, but I stand by my comment on the ENC Mafia still trying to run everything - something I don't think they ultimately do as well as incorporating some of the key folks form the acquired banks.

      IMHO of course.



    • Blue,

      So the originally named RP (who was CEO of the DC bank merged) retired and was replaced 60 days ago...people do retire point is that the corporate strategy I've heard articulated and still practised in the majority of newly aquired markets is to keep the customer contact and senior leadership in place.


    • EBITBAHA, you are right in many ways. Poor managers is what many banks for BB&T have. When they are letting employees go because of their personal reasons. Like the one who has let two go in one week made the comment I got a bad review and I will clean house and start with a new group. Two managers in one town started finding little things. One was let go yesterday and was never put on probation at all. Truth will come out soon on these two. I personaly spoke with major bussiness owners who have already closed accounts and others planning to close. If an employee was good enough to keep for 18 years, funny after the comment about cleaning house was made in a months time the employee was no good. Mr. Allison is a good man. He has managers in places he does not know about running the brances.

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