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  • bankoption bankoption Mar 28, 2002 10:43 PM Flag

    2-cents worth

    I am not a professional banker or investor, but I have owned a successful business for many years and learned painful lessons about how to treat customers [or how not to]. IMHO, regarding the recent posts about Georgia and BB&T, there is no way for an individual poster to know what the real experience has been. Every business has to decide what is best as an operating model for the MAJORITY of it's customers, as there is simply no way to make everyone happy all of the time. Any individual may be unhappy at any point in time, for valid or invalid reasons, but no one has the complete picture except the company's management. It is their responsibility, to stockholders, customers, and themselves, to figure this out in a way that insures the maximum long-term profitability and success of the company. If they do not, everyone suffers. Individual complaints on this board mean nothing; they could be real, made up, or self serving. If you are a dissatisfied customer, go directly to the bank with your concerns. If you are a shareholder, judge BB&T on it's performance. If you are looking for information, take this board with a very large dose of skeptism. In my business experience, I have learned that focusing on individual situations is less important than paying attention to the bigger picture perspective of long-term customer satisfaction with the manner in which the business is operated, which is always measured by results and the way in which they were accomplished. The past is no assurance of the future, but so far BB&T has demonstrated that it understands this reality and knows how to make it work. Sorry for the sermon, but I get tired of BS after a while. Time for a drink.

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