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  • rwmgn rwmgn Dec 27, 2002 1:08 PM Flag

    BBT and $40 Per Share

    After watching stocks today it now looks like BB&T will not reach $40 per share this year.

    Lets all be thankful that it not down in the lower twenty range. Hope for better next year.



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    • For BBT to hit 40 before 12-31-02, there must be some very great news to be reported. Usually big news does not come out at this time of the year.
      I do believe we will see 40 in the not too distant future.

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      • As I've said before (and this is just my opinion, proceed at your own risk), BBT has been trading in a $30-32 to $38-40 range for a while now. I don't think anything significant about the stock itself will be happening soon (too big to be purchased except under unusual circumstances and too dilutive to make a big buy) so I think it wil trade with the market for the forseeable future. As I've already stated, I've made $$ selling a "little bit" in the $38+ and buying back in around $32. I suggest that the current conditions to make this a reasomable bet to continue. Trading costs are low enough that transaction expenses are a very low factor for an individual these days.

        No Fan and Doc, I'm not saying BBT isn't good stock, but I've been sucessful (lucky?) this year in particular with the above approach. Clearly, this is not an approach to make a killing, but I've made steady $$ on this approach to trading this stock and others over the past year, in spite of an ugly market.

        That being said and with the news on N. Korea not good, I think a buying opportunity may be coming up soon. I still think BBT's fundamentals are pretty good, so it may bounce on good news.

        My $.02 and IMHO, of course. Any other ideas out there on this stock or the market in general?

        Regards to one of the best Boards on Yahoo.....


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