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  • jim56442 jim56442 Oct 21, 2003 5:48 PM Flag

    Check this out

    Sorry, that you feel I misrepresented anything. However, I think you might want to go back to message 6448 and read the posts forward to see what the conversation was about before saying anything was misleading. I believe you got in on the very end of the conversation.

    Basically the converstation was about executive pay and Fan was saying the executives were in the same boat and situation as all shareholders. I was trying to point out that executives are not even close to being like other shareholders. Other shareholders who bought stock in January,1999 could have paid over $40 a share and as you pointed out the 1999 options were issued at $36.125. The 2000 options were issued at $23.975. So if the price gets back to $40 a share they will make $3.875 on the $36.125 option and $16.025 on each $23.975 option. (Please note the fact that they do not have any of their money at risk on the options.)The shareholder in the meantime will have just made the dividends of less 3% anually and is back to break even on the stock and all his $40 is at risk.

    Fan then expressed the idea that JA had all his 401k in BBT stock and that put him in the same position as the other shareholders. I then brought up the amount of options and the price of the 2000 options issued to the top six executives and what the options for that one year would currently be worth which is somthing over $8 million.

    Fan's next message then seemed to say that the options and price were wrong and I was trying to tell him where he could confirm those figures. I was just reminding him that the stock had been over $40 a share in January,1999. That is the message where you came into the conversation.

    My original question was and still is how many times do we pay the same executives to get the price per share to $36?

    Hope this clears up any possible misunderstanding.

    Yours for better investing,


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