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  • wigginsrd wigginsrd Nov 15, 2003 10:23 PM Flag


    You sir are not a very pleasant person. How can anyone take you srious with a name like BBT Sucks?

    As Charles Schawb said: "which would you rather do: put your money in the bank, or own the bank?"


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    • I agree with BBT. I don't think Charles Schawb had in mind a bank which including dividends in calculating over all return has returned a less than 2.5% yearly over all return to their shareholders in a 5 year period. Maybe Schwab's statement is being taking out of context. The people who have made good money on this stock in the last five years are the top executives. They have done well. You can check out some of the earlier posts if you doubt this. Whatever a person thinks he should not distort the facts. Bottom line is that BBT is right, this stock has not been a good investment for a shareholder for at least the last five years.This applies only if you expect a decent return on your investment.

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      • I must agree with bbtsucks and Jim.I have own this company for a long time and as I have stated before the last 5 years have been horrible for everyone except the big boys John A, Kelly King , Scott Reed and the rest of the free loaders.The stock options these boys have set up for themselves should be outlawed.

        Why want they make the options a expense like all the other majior companies are doing?Because then it will draw to much attention to there scam.

        If you havent notice they are getting rich with our money.Hell most of the shares they own were bought through stock options.

        I say vote all thier asses out next proxy.

      • Jim, I agree 100%. Also , if you go back to Oct. of '98 the stock poped $7. This is when bbt was added to the SP 500. Therefore all Sp 500 index funds had to add bbt stock to their funds. The buying had nothing to do w/ performace.

        I've also made the conclusion that bbt just happens to be an acquisition company in the banking and insurance brokerage business. I don't think this is what Charles had in mind when he made this comment,but I could be wrong.eom

    • I'm just conveying feeling about the stock price performance over the past 5 years. You have to admit, if your honest, if has sucked.eom

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