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  • BBTFan BBTFan Jan 5, 2004 8:12 PM Flag

    Another thought fair & balanced

    Granted that the stock price has been flat since 1998, as a long term holder and a member of "the glass is half full" society, consider short and long term comparisons:
    . In 2002 BB&T total return ,(price appeciation and dividend) was +5.5% while S&P 500 was -22.1% and the S&P bank index was
    . From 1999 - 2002 the total return was + 13.9% ; S&P was -14.5%
    . Over 10 years ending 2002, total return was 17.6% annually; S&P was 9.3%
    . 10 year Dividend compound annual growth rate was 16.1%; S&P was 2.6%
    . Smart Money magazine named BB&T one of it's top five income stocks in 2002.
    . CEO magazine called BB&T the number 1 bank in terms of "Market value added" for Shareholders.
    . Barron's ranked BB&T 2nd best performing bank in the country and 17th best performing company among the Barrons 500.
    . Money mag. rated BB&T 2nd highest in employee benefits.

    Short term dissapointment should lead a thinking investor to sell. Longer holders will pick up the shares and the price will ultimately rise as it always has. I'm sure there are better performers out there that someone can point out in hindsight, but pickin'em before they get hot is the trick.
    Everyone's hindsight is 20/20.

    Source of these and other recognitions and rankings: 2002 Annual Report

    Happy Investing!

    Fan ;>)

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    • Fan,

      Don't believe I've ever seen a company's annual report that makes it look bad. They always seem to show the company's point of view in their annual report.

      There was an article in the Charlotte Observer on Jan.1,2004 about BAC and their share price, talking about the share price return in value since the FBF deal was announced.

      The article states that BAC share price went up 13.79%, WB has increased 23% and the other bank mentioned increased 1.71% in 2003. One guess as who this other bank is. You're right good old BBT.

      In the Charlotte Observer yesterday January 5, 2004 there was a listing of the market results of the Carolina's largest publicly traded companies, ranked by total return. BBT was lower than all, but one of the banks. Their overall rank was 79th out of the 100 companies listed. In other words if they were in school they would have made a grade of 31 out of a 100.

      Management appears to be living on past performances before 5 years ago, but the executives total pay doesn't seem to reflect this. This is just my opinion, but it does seem to have some basis when you look at their results.

      Just who owns this company? Does the shareholder and if so should they not expect to share in the benefits of ownership? Are should we just settle for whatever scaps management let dripple down to us.

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      • It was posted before, corporate officers do not receive any benefits/perks unless offered and approved by the board. As was previously posted: Is there collusion between the Board and the Officers?

      • Jim,
        You must not have read the post. The sources quoted in the Annual report are highly respected independant publications that report that BB&T Shareholders have benefited. The AR didn't invent the data, just reported it, as anyone would when it reflects good results. You're posting what you can find that is less flattering - my post makes it fair and balanced

        And over 40 years in business and 5 retired I have seen Reports that had bad results, and explainations of what went wrong and how it would be fixed. As you know the SEC frowns on misrepresentations.

        Happy analyzing!


    • Jim, I'm happy to be quoted but you don't have the liberty to misquote me unchallenged.
      I never said because the "SEC was policing companies we could rest easy"..that's your spin. I said the "SEC frowns on misrepresentations".


    • Fan,

      You are 110% right that is not what you said in exactly those words. However,your quote was in this same post in the paragraph about what you were saying was a misrepresentation of what you said. However, my thinking is that the average person reading your post would interpret that was your meaning. Your post 6904 referred to the annual report and lots of praise for BBT and then you replied to a another post with this post 6908 defending the original post with the quote that "SEC frowns on misrepresentations".

      In at least two different posts I used your direct quote and it was also in the post you are referring too.

      It wasn't your direct quote, but appears to be what you wanted the people reading the post to understand that the SEC was policing the company and that we could all rest easy about any statements and the annual proxy of the company being correct.

      If this is not correct, please let me and the other people know what your intend and meaning of the quote really was. I'm serious as this is what I took your meaning to be and if that is not so please let us know.

      The last thing I want to do is misinform anyone about your or anyone else's opinion.

      Hope you have a GREAT day and make some money,


    • Jim, You misquoted me, admit it. There's no "however".
      I try to be factual and unambiguous in my facts, requiring no spin, no interpretations, no hidden meanings.
      I dealt with the SEC back in my past and my statement "the SEC frowns on misrepresentations" is factual, accurate, and means nothing more or less than it says.

      I'm also aware that professional and individual investors sometimes purposely circulate untrue negative rumors and comments to try to affect a stocks price when they hold short positions. That's also an SEC violation. This is not an accusation, it's an unfortunate fact we live with. It's unfair to the target companies and to innocent shareholders.

      You'll note that my references are to published opinions and rankings. But because the internet is such an open and unregulated forum, I'll echo Stock's opinion that no-one should make a serious investment decision based on this board or any other. The quality of information ranges from informed to total ignorance.


    • Jim, you dropped the ball.

      No prudent observer would infer and repeatedly insist upon the equivalence of "SEC frowns on misrepresentations" and "the SEC was policing the company and that we could all rest easy about any statements and the annual proxy of the company being correct."

      Ever hear of the "Sarbanes-Oxley" train wreck? Betcha just about EVERYONE who signs off on reports has by now. Consequences are more tangible, which does not mean that the SEC is right on top of every statement, report, etc. Which is how I would interpret "policing."

      "However, my thinking is that the average person reading your post would interpret that was your meaning."
      Not even close. Clearly hyperbolic misrepresentation. Possibly unintended, but if that is the case, time to admit it.

      If this is a "late hit," after Fan's last post, my apologies. If you construe his "not an accusation..." that you're short BBT, a query, let me say, I also was curious.
      So I did a little work.
      However, your "So the question is are WE(caps mine)overpaying on these particular executives?" from your post on 10/20/03 makes me think possibly not.

      And "WE(caps mine) are suppose to be the owners and should reap the same benfits as the employees including the executives, after all are WE (caps mine) not the ones with the investment at risk?" also supports that thought.

      That said, I wonder when you bought, recently, or more than the proverbial "5 years ago;" why you would hold stock in a company you so disrespect; and what you plan other than hanging out and slamming management every day?
      I don't know any in top circles of management, and personally don't think I would invest in a company if I held leadership in such low regard.
      Don't infer a personal slam. I truly am just curious about the motivation when I get on a YAHOO! board and track posts from someone who implies they have much better places for their money.

      Once again I have no position. Looking for trading opportunities.
      Mike J

    • Mike, well said! I, like you believe I would be spending posting time on research to find an investment whose executive team and management pay met my standards if I wasn't happy with a stock. BB&T may not be suitable for everyone, but it's been good to me for 30+ years and will get better.


    • Fan,

      If I owe you an apology then please accept this as a sincere apology. As I said before the last thing I would want to do it misrepresent you or anyone's else view.

      However, I still would like you to clarify exactly what you meant by your original statement as I did indeed misunderstand your intend.

      Hope this clears the air. I sincerely thought that was what you were inferring.



    • Mike,

      Just for the record I do not short or long stocks and do not deal in options. I put my money in stocks period.

      Some of my recent buys:
      FRM 5.60 on 11/19/03
      WYE 41.90 on 12/30/03
      SPG at 31.88 on 12/31/03
      DLX at 40.90 on 1/02/04

      Mike be sure to check out the return on FRM and I do have a sell in on it for today if it gets to my price. Now just for the record for the above information and a dollar you can still buy a Coca Cola at a lot of places.

      "Also would like to state that all great changes in this old world and through out history have been started by just two people talking and discussing what needs to be changed." This is a statement from far smarter people than I am. I do believe that one person does make a difference in this old world and one can work to make it better for oneself and others in whateve one wants to get involved in doing.

      I'll close the post with the following quote
      "It takes a lot of things to prove you are smart, but only one thing to prove you are ignorant.�
      -- Don Herold

      Hope this answers your questions.


    • Fan, BB&T has been good to me for a long time and I look at the present time as just another one of those bumps in the road that makes me wonder if this is the time to dump BBT and try to find something else. I look around the market for a replacement and I cannot come up with one that I have confidence in. So for now I am going to stay with BB&T until I see something better.


    • Gotcha. Which means Heard and Acknowledged.

      Hope you get your FRM ask price.

      And also, those are 2 very good quotations.

      I would add one I've learned the hard way, "Catch them doing something RIGHT." Operating from that perspective sometimes helps put a better light on folks' words and deeds.
      Hey! I'm specificly talking about Fan, NOT BBT...

      Still curious about your plan for BBT.

      Mike J

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