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  • jim56442 jim56442 Jan 9, 2004 10:20 AM Flag


    Great job from our executives. Earnings estimate below last year same quarter per this article.

    BBT Corp. (BBT: news, chart) is on deck for earnings of 69 cents per share compared with 72 cents last year.

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    • Jim, if you'll look a few lines down on Yahoo earnings estimates you'll see the full year '03 will be above '02. Check it out


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      • Fan,

        Please tell me that I got the wrong or bad information. I was in a hurry and hope that I just picked up some wrong figures. I'm serious and not just messing with you.

        What I found was : Estimate of $2.78 a share for 2003 this was off the Yahoo Board

        02Annual Operating results of
        Basic $2.78 a share
        Diluted $2.75 a share

        02 Net Income
        Basic $2.75 a share
        Diluted $2.72 a share

        I'm serious and hope that this is indeed bad information. Appreciate your posting me back.
        If this information is anywhere close to correct it explains a lot about the price movement. (There no slam intended as I know we have different goals and different investment styles fit us.)

        Thanks for your help,


      • Fan,

        Just pulled the earning estimates off a news release on line about regional banks and estimated earnings. It shows 2 of the 5 banks listed as lower estimated earnings for the quarter than last year. One of the lower earnings was BBT. It is one of the news listing under BBT on AOL.

        Thought it was a pick of information that was revelant to the stock. Just looks like a bad quarter to me.


    • Jim, (and others);
      double dare you to tune into the earnings conference call Tuesday morning at 10:30 1/13/04 to find out where earnings came from and what is projected and listen to analysts questions and mgt. answers. This should get you there -

      If this doesn't work go to, then investor relations, then presentations and webcasts and sign in.

      Fan :>)

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