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  • wigginsrd wigginsrd Jan 29, 2004 10:04 PM Flag

    Wilson NC, Birthplace of BBT

    Out of the land of the tobacco plant came a hard riding, lean man named: Johnney Smoke.

    Thats right, Johnney Smoke AKA BBT
    Branch Banking and Trust born and bread in Wilson, NC. The call letters to the AM radio station there are WGTM "World's Greatest Tobacco Market."
    That's "Wide Awake Wilson" with the rooster on top of the watertower.
    This tobacco town gave us the 12th largest bank in all of these United States of America!
    A bank that has never failed to pay a dividend, even through out the "Great Depression!"
    And YOU the GREEDY quibble about saleries?
    The BANK has:
    a P/E of 17.49
    a market cap of 20.66 billion dollars !!!
    and last but not least a divident yeild of:
    Where else will you get above CD % yeilds from a bank while you own the bank?
    And lastly which would you rather do? Put your money in the bank or own the bank?
    Quit bashing the best bank in the neighborhood.
    Stay long and sleep well, after all: you're in good hands with Mr. Alison and his fine team.


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    • BB&T does have a DRIP plan, you can look on the website under I believe Investor Relations. Or if you call a local trust office if you are in the southeast, they can help you.

    • What you trying to tell us? If you know something, we would appreciate any information that you have.

    • Sometimes it is best to not discuss or speculate on something of which one has not been enlightened!

      Misinformation is rampant here y'all....and USUALLY wrong! On options incentives, pay, and the strength and stability of BB&T mgmt:-) Oh yeah..and on the wonderful return over the past 5 years!

      Ya get what ya pay for!

    • Many companies have a stock purchase program for employees, usually tied to their retirement plan and at a discount price. Usually with strings attached, like cannot be sold for a year unless employment is severed. Top executives usually do not have ANY strings attached.
      Also, for existing stock holders most companies have a DRIP and stocks can be purchased through the company for a small charge. So far, if BBT has this program no one has been able to enlighten me on it.

    • Wigginsrd,

      You asked in an earlier post.Where else will you get above CD % yeilds from a bank while you own the bank?

      Try BAC for just one of many.BAC currently has a dividend yield of 3.95% which is .51% better than BBT's dividend you quoted. If the dividend is all one is going to receive I'd rather have the higher yielding dividend.

      Just what has top management been paid to do for the last five years? It was over $40 a share in 1998 and look at it now. Poor results should require poor returns for everyone, not just the shareholders.

      As for the quote that the executives are in the same boat because they own shares too. I'd bet money that most of us paid for a much bigger percentage of our shares than management has.

      For better investing,


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      • We the little stock holders are not in the same boat as executives with respect to their stock holdings. Wouldn't you like to have a non-binding 3 year option for x-thousands of shares of BBT, even at todays price of $35/share (share options are usually much less than market price) that you could take advantage of within the next 3 years when the price of BBT could be $70 or more (you are not obligated to fulfill your option) and you could get the shares at $35. example: 100,000 shares at $35, borrow $3 1/2 million, to buy the shares, sell half and you have made $1,750,000 profit or own outright 50,000 shares. I wish I could get in on deals that are available to top management.
        Little boys are around to pay the bills.

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