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  • lex_nox lex_nox May 14, 2004 10:09 PM Flag


    I hear a lot of talk, but the facts I see are still the same as they were a year ago. Every Bank, whether they admit it or not, whether they own up to it, or not goes through a tough time somewhere between 80 & 110 B. BB&T is going through that now. From my research, (long time on this board, MUCH longer than the new FVB faces I sense out here, [*EASY* to detect...]one staple I follow, I do my own research, and dont listen to a dam thing I hear out here...) and from my research, theres rumor, but no solid evidence to buying /selling/crashing this bank. Internally theyve already enacted Major cost cutting, and no that doesnt mean just employee RIF(whatever the reason) at the same time theres some severe cultural re-alignment going on.The effects wont be evident right away, but it's happend - and from my experience among business, at this stage, BItchin's a good thing. As some great leader once said," The ones who cannot scream are not the ones I worry for.." When it's down youre a dawg and when it's up youre a darling.In a couple hours Ive got to get up and worry about a whole lot more than this message board, and find it ridiculous that shorts are sniffin around the flower beds. BBT has always advertised as a long term investment, and as for everyone who says 'why werent they doing all this before'? well, once you walk in the shoes of those so wise, you can go ahead and tell me that answer.I know that answer, but here is not the place for it, and oh by the way, it's not a bad thing. Either youre in, or youre out - but why waste your time bashin' ? Yes if it gets bought then we can all BI$&TCH about the owners and CEO's then too? ----all the way to the bank .....
    IMHO, and Still, I see your point, and yes- you are ratified,and as far as Im concerned, every opinion counts.
    Lex - Good morning, Gents.

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