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  • bbtempfornow bbtempfornow Jun 2, 2004 9:49 PM Flag

    What I see from the trenches

    Being a part of the merger, and nothing but a peon, I saw a lot of things that did not add up, and others in the same position as I was in saw the same things. They built the operations center in Winchester, pay millions for it and then close it down. You have people walking around making decisions on things they know little about.
    The comment about new ideas and fresh thinkers hits the mark for sure. It is just like beating your head against the wall to get someone to listen to an idea.
    Try and get a car loan or Home Loan through BBandT and see the hassle you get. i knoiw people who have worked here for years and cannot get a loan, but they can go across the street to another bank and they have no problems. There is somethhing wrong here, but try and get the upper level people to see this. Everyone is walking around on eggshells and hoping they are not the next people out of a job because of pisspoor management.

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    • Being a temp and "peon" as you call yourself, and you instantly know how to run a 90+ billion company. Corporations are run from the top, not the bottom. Ask Gates, Buffett, Welch, Forbes, Allison.

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      • rageagagainstcrappyemployers rageagagainstcrappyemployers Jun 3, 2004 3:32 PM Flag

        You left out the truly inspirational business leaders like Steve Jobs and Jim Goodnight. Ones with integrity that know their employees are their true assets. The lead by example--I repeat example, and with honor and respect for the individual. They don't lead with an iron fist and inspire fear of trying something new and original, or even speaking out in general when truly stupid ideas are put in place.

        For example (I can�t use the real decision, so I will give another really silly decision making process), �x� doesn�t like product A, but product A is a more prudent choice because we can save $$$$$$$ of dollars because the product is so much cheaper and already has the design and other components we need and no other infrastructure changes or training need to occur, and better yet, it�s already in widespread use at the company so we don�t have to buy anything. Instead, product B is selected because it�s anti-product A, but will cost the company $$$$$$$ because we have to purchase 35 additional newspaper presses, train the staff, change our equipment, refurbish our electrical system, purchase fancy new paper and ink, new classy looking chrome chassis, buy a new building to house it, techs to manage the system, and install new software--those are the kinds of decisions being made wasting shareholder dollars and demoralizing staff.

        Look at some of the recent management plans and you can only ask yourself, "What in the world were they thinking? Or are they just totally clueless?" they NEVER ask the opinion of the professionals that know how to do the jobs they are asked to do. Desk jockeys or worse, someone promoted that doesn�t have a clue how to lead or manage make the disastrous decisions that often take place. You wouldn�t hire a ditch digger to tell a doctor how to do his job (no offense to ditch diggers). So why does BB&T insist on putting managers in place that NEVER listen to their staff? Do as I say not as I do is the main. Don�t ask questions, don�t rock the boat. Only the mushrooms and Kool-aid drinkers are rewarded. Those that push for change are punished, yes, punished with a capital P.

        SAS has a waiting list for people who want to work there. Apple employees are loyal to the core. These are signs of well run companies. In my opinion, what BB&T is lacking is true inspirational, forward thinking leadership.

        Shareholders can�t complain really. They had the chance this year to oust the whole lot of them and start fresh and they chose not to. Just like the President, you don�t vote, well you really can�t complain much can you? After all, you really didn�t do much to try and make things different, did you?

      • Stillginidiot, I guess you're in the process of running your own 90+ billion dollar company.

        Corporations are also run down from the top. Ask Lay and Skilling, Ebbers, Koslowski, Rigas, Allison, et. al.

        Although Allison could make a reversal. He just needs to remember how BB&T was a few years ago, when it was understood that, as a good company, customers, management, stockholders and employees all get rewarded. Not just management as it is today.

      • Still,

        What makes you more qualified to state your opinions than Temp. Just curious, if you are saying that you have more qualifications please state them.

        Messages boards are just individual opinions posted by people who remain anonymous.



      • Let me try to explain this so that even someone in management can understand.
        First off my screen name bbtempfornow:
        bbt stands for branch banking and trust
        emp stands for employee
        for now means I am an employee of bbt for the time being.

        As for a peon, it means I am not in management, personally I would not want to be in management at any level I have seen with the company because no one is allowed to rock the boat, and think outside the box.
        Just a thought, but instead of having bull*hit meetings where everyone can learn the new catch phrases and motivational crap, why not do something productive like make loans, solicit new business, and service customers?
        Nah, that makes too much sense.

        As for the people you used as reference at the top, John Allison does not belong in that group of people, What does Jimmy Buffet have to do with banking, Bob Welch was a decent pitcher in his day with the Dodgers but that does not qualify him to run a bank, I like Nascar but Davey Allison is dead, Bill Gates makes a crappy Operating system full of holes and flaws and Forbes is John Kerry's middle name and I do not want to go there.

    • Given that BB&T has done so many mergers, I don't understand why they had such a difficult time with the consolidation of FV.

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