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  • billybanksbbt billybanksbbt Jun 7, 2004 11:07 PM Flag

    What I see from the trenches


    I have no doubt that I see a staff day in and day out with customer service skills second to none. However, you say selling the relationship is selling YOU (as BB&T would have you believe, of course). I beg to disagree. Think about this...

    As an educated consumer, I can purchase a product or service from any provider, as long as I know they are similar products, correct? Would you agree that as long as I deal with a reputable company, this is a level playing field? So, taking out these factors I am able to compare product for product...are you still with me? I also know my rights as a consumer (still with me?) and can logically and intelligently interact with others. OK, so let's look at a scenario....

    Why would I pick product A over product B? The products are the same, correct? As an educated consumer I can easily compare these products and will always go with the lower, which puts more money in MY pocket. Relationship based on what? Charging more? I know BB&T employees are supposed to say, and I quote, "You get ME with this product". Big deal! "ME" is not even happy with MY job so what is to say I am worth it? No doubt that I am the best that out there but I will probably not be around much longer. And what if this client IS paying a premium for ME? What about when the "me" in the equation leaves BB&T? Don't think there aren't plenty of "ME"s keeping a record of their client list. Of course, my thinking is that BB&T hopes the client won't leave based on distrust. Distrust, you ask yourself? Sure! Why would that client follow ME if I talked them into something that they later realize I didn't believe in? BB&T is banking on us not having the credability with our customers once we leave. Interesting strategy, don't you think? If I was the customer, I would leave BB&T, not follow the person I was once willing to pay a premium for and find a new bank altogether. Doesn't sound like the "win-win" that BB&T talks about, does it?

    Just something more for you to chew on.....enjoy!


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