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  • bbtempfornow bbtempfornow Jun 2, 2004 1:47 PM Flag

    What I see from the trenches

    I have seen a lot, and there are good things at BB&T, but a lot of things need changed. The upper level pat themselves on the back a little too much for my liking, and are quick to blame others for the bad. (First Virginia fiasco)
    I have seen people with many years of service who are knowledgeable and hard working axed recently. I have seen people promoted to mid level management that I would not even let deliver pizza or wash dishes. I have seen upper management talk about cost savings, and then go to Hot Springs for the back slapping butt kissing tour to the tune of several hundred thousand dollars, I see someone telling employees to keep expenses down, and then get on a company jet and fly all over the country.
    It makes me sad to watch an organization become so detached from what is actually happening. I see employee morale as being pretty low right now, and I did not see that a year ago.
    I would hate to see BBandT get bought out, but if it is for the good, so be it.

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    • Tell you what wellsfargo.
      I'll spring for lunch next Tuesday, June 22.
      How would you like your crow prepared?

    • I agree with everything you are saying except "tried to convert these folks into skilled customer service folks" - I believe it was simply an attempt to reduce the surprisingly high number of layoffs by offering entry level jobs to all takers regardless of skill, aptitude, prior performance evaluations, or supervisory recommendations. It made the numbers look better, and probably saved a few severance $. Its sad that many people who were very good at what they were hired to do were faced with only two choices - the wrong job, or no job, and many poor performers were given a new lease on life in the chaos which is now the VA region of BB&T.

    • There is still a large indirect area in Falls Church. Do you suppose those guys will just pack their bags quietly? I think not. They were the bread and butter of FVB and they are not leaving without a fight.

    • That is not necessarliy true. I was in many meetings with BB&T folks and they did not allow the FVB team to make all placement decisions. Many of those decisions came directly from BB&T.

    • So you're admonishing me for posting the name of the person in charge of the OP Center. It's public knowledge, for your information, and he's part of the executive team. It's not top secret like you're implying.

      Speaking of implying, that's all you do. You say I could be your neighbor. Do you work in the OP Center? I thought you said in an earlier post you don't work for BBT. Or by neighbor do you mean Wilson resident?

      As for sources, I'm not asking for an individual's name. You stated "Their model is rated as one of the highest in the nation." Ratings don't come from individual sources. They come from organizations that perform their evaluations on an annual basis. If one person told you this without a source, why do you assume it's true? My point being, the opinions of individuals don't hold much weight, especially on this board, unless discussing morale issues. But if you're saying something is rated well, you can and should state the source of the rating.

      And my qualifications aren't the point of any of these discussions, nor are yours.

    • Yank, as I said previously, I could be your neighbor. If you work in the Op Center, you apparently have missed a lot going on there. I guess you mean since Credit Card is well managed that possibly your area is not. Could it be that. As to my source, I would certainly never post a name on a message board such as this like you did. Ronald Reagan once said, "Most people go through their lifetime wondering if they have made a difference. Marines don't have that problem." I'll take a Marine Chopper pilots advice over your quals anyday.

    • Great minds can't accurately predict weather 3 weeks out. Banks certainly don't operate on a premise of 3 years out.

    • it's simple doc, fvb SOLD the business to bbandt.

    • Well, of course consolidation must take place. That is the only way to make a merger work, everybody knows that. Yes, there is a good deal of operations functions being performed in NO Va, however, Mechanicsville was closed and, I believe, Roanoke was turned into a Call Center with some loan functions being perfomed in other areas. Not enough jobs to go around that were comparable and comparable is NOT moving your family out of town or state. My point was that, yes, you may have some FVB employees not that familiar with computers but in their FVB jobs, they did not use them!
      I agree. The real question is who is responsible. Top execs are and they need to step back, take a good long look and fix it. One step has been taken and that, I hear, is to consolidate some departments. That may help some, but not by hiring temps. What message is that sending to the hopeful employees?? This will all be worked out eventually in some form, most likely a takeover by Wells Fargo or some other larger insitution but the stigma of what happened to the employees won't go away. Fact of life. I think most will land on their feet but it still leaves a bad taste in your mouth when you had a great job and wanted to retire in that position and now all is taken away because of a merger. BBT is good folks; just not ready for the magnatude of FVB.

    • I would be willing to bet that shortly after the 3rd anniversary of the "merger" announcement that the operations in Falls Church will be moved elsewhere and more will be out of work. Think the 3 years was part of the agreement between JA & BF.

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