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  • bbtnewb bbtnewb Jun 3, 2004 7:36 PM Flag


    I am seeing a decay in the culture at BB&T and it is disturbing. Henry Williamson is a jewel and I am concerned that he is leaving. Great guy, solid Christian, gone from the ranks of our leadership. One thing for sure, if we are acquired all of the regional mgt. employees will hit the street at a savings of $5 million per region. Sales force will remain for the most part.

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    • Very well said Billy, I have said the same thing. You are absolutely correct about the way employees are treated. I have very little trust for anyone in the company, they say one thing and do another, and I am looking now instead of being a victim of lies and misinformation.
      For those of you who are investors, just remember, if they will lie and manipulate the people working for the bank, they would do it to you too.

    • That's a key point. Allison has been giving exactly the same speech for over 5 years now. He seems bored giving it, and quite disconnected as it is a rote performance.

      That points to the stagnation in the company, no new ideas, and no feedback allowed. Its quite a strange environment as many here have so aptly pointed out. The competition and environment have changed quite a bit, no changes at BB&T are clearly the reason for poor performance.

      And of course this is not a criticism some of you sensitive folks, just an observation by many!

    • Don't be too upset that executive management has not visited you. Watch any video with JA and you have heard his presentation. He rarely derivates from it. And the pomp and circumstance surrounding his visit is enough to make anyone sick. He is a PERSON, folks. The best part of his visit? When he opens the floor for questions. Funny how nobody has any. Of course, we are always instructed by senior management that all questions must be run past them first as not to embarrass the region they are visiting. Amazing, huh? Just another "golden nugget" I wanted to share with this board.


    • I am not in a Corporate location, and came to this place 3 years ago from a completely
      different industry, all sign point to buyout
      within a year. I still see waste and no concern
      for employees. People still traveling to and from for conferences, meetings, and assorted
      boondoggles. Large groups of people go to these things!!!!

      I have never seen Senior Management at my site, and heard they travel to see the majority of large locations in foot print?

      Even in these time?

    • Your post mirrors my thoughts. When it finally happens, management will say that the merger is "good for the stockholders, clients, community and employees". It's a script, don't you know.

    • This exact thing is happening on the operations side of things also. Looks like a corporate wide strategy. I wasn't obtained via a merger and have seen a lot of years here. Things have changed drastically. And not for the better.

    • Berk,

      I, for one, am NOT from NC...far from it, indeed. I do, however, work for BB&T and would be glad to share my thoughts with this board.

      As most BB&T employees, I am a victim of merger. I came through and was encouraged to "talk up" BB&T. This is so very important to the company to retain clients during a merger. So, we blindly put our credibility on the line and endorsed this company we know little about. We work hard to put our customers at ease. We then are told by BB&T that retaining us as employees is also so very important. We go through BB&T training. Would you be at all surprised to know that I had a BB&T corporate trainer tell a class I was in to "drink the Kool-Aid"? Direct quote, I kid you not! Despite this, I realized who was signing my paycheck now and was "on board" with their practices....UNTIL....

      Let's see...there is a lot of talk about a buy-out. I have been through buy-outs before. They start with hiring freezes (BB&T is in one now. We are not even replacing tellers who leave. What does that say for customer service when a staff is literally cut in HALF?), decreased employee training (we are being cut to the bare bones in this department), no pay raises, decreased communication from upper mgmt to middle mgmt and a tighter lending policy. WOW, folks, as BB&T employees....we are right there NOW!! Regional managers right now are having the screws tightened on them. In turn, even something as basic as company policy is being ignored to get rid of employees. Why? Perhaps because this makes a company look more efficient? Just speculating here but I sure hope nobody falls for something so obvious.

      BB&T's mission? Economic success and financial security for their clients? A place their employees can work , grow and be fulfilled? A better return for their shareholders? Come on already, the writing is on the wall! These very things are all being ignored! What will BB&T hang their hat on now?

      I am sure there are plenty of you who will respond to this as die-hard BB&T-ers. Good for you. Believe me, though, someday you too will feel this way. Best of luck to you. The rest.....keep your resume updated. BB&T might want loyalty from you but you sure are not going to get it from them!


    • Son, when I hear somebody say that they are, or that one is, a "Good Christian" then I know: watch-out for that one. If he needs a cover or alibi or smoke-screen or rhetorical ruse from the start, then you know there's something shifty or slimy or stinky underneath. The most treacherous, vindictive, backstabbing, spiteful, eyescratching and lying SOBs will usually call themselves "Good Christians." Good riddance I suspect.

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