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  • missfvb missfvb Jul 1, 2004 5:01 PM Flag

    JA's speech

    Yes, I have been through mergers before...both personally and within my family circle, and I do not know why my age is a factor as I am established in my career and have a couple nice pieces of paper framed on my office walls. I don't believe I ever said this merger was 'poor,' but by reading the countless mssgs on this board- I believe there are plenty of people out there that have this sentiment. Personally, I benefitted greatly from the FVB merger, but I had several coworkers who were not treated with the dignity and respect that they deserved. Everyday I have operational issues that still have not been resolved nine months post merger. We were told that BB&T is very job specific and that everyone is an expert in their respective fields. I've found these "experts" are few and far between and BB&T is the king of propaganda. This bank got too big too fast and the growing pains are being felt everyday by their employees. As far as the "whining" issue, I am not a whiner. Isn't the point of these boards to openly discuss one's opinion(s) and discuss that with others (not be shot down and spoken down to for expressing an opinion)? You are obviously very knowledgeable b/c of your banking background, but please don't sell the rest of us short. We're out here now and trying to make the best of this new 'merger' world. As you said...'in today's world' I'll need luck, but I still like to naively think that hard work does still go a long way.

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    • dignity and respect

      Great post. These are the exact words that I have been looking for. CLEARLY bbt people did not feel this way about the FVB people. I am not sure if it is because of the large percentage of FV people with ethnic backgrounds or if it is because they just don't care for anybody but themselves. Either way, shame on them. FV had some damn good people and it was a shame to see them belittled and misled through the transition period. In the very end, all people will be rewarded according to how they led their lives, which includes how they treated other people. Amen
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