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  • missfvb missfvb Jun 30, 2004 11:38 AM Flag

    JA's speech

    I had the "privilege" to hear Mr A speak recently, and I find it interesting that he can say in the same sentence how well the FVB merger went, but how BB&T will not purchase anything else until 2006 because we need time to "digest." There is definitly some "indigestion" out there among the ranks, but I do not see any real efforts by mangament to remedy what they've created. At least the BJF meetings were somewhat direct and informative, it seems Mr A tries to charm his audiences with his speaking ability and fluff and never really gets to any solid points that relate to why this bank is performing below his expectations.

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    • I would then challenge that Christianity is phoney-baloney?

      Last I checked, Jesus was Jewish. At the time, you know.. before Christianity... there were only a few religions and many pagans. Judaism, Hindi and Buddhism (relatively new at about 630 BC) mainly.

      As a matter of fact, you need to realize that the majority of "religions" start out very Cult like. It's only through wide spread acceptance that they become a religion. (I know this is hard for mot Christians to accept, oddly enough, since they accept most everything on blind faith.) *shrug*

      Furthermore, everything is propaganda. The garbage coming out of the white house about the war in Iraq... propaganda. Michael Moore's movie, Faranheiht 9/11... propaganda.

      Communication in and of itself is propaganda. People share ideas/opinions with others in attempt to get their point of view across.

      My ramblings here... my own personal propaganda. Your ramblings in your posts... your personal propoganda. Everyone else's ramblings in their posts... their personal propoganda.

      Humans have a need for control it is manifested on many levels and is different for everyone, but it is there.

    • I don't think we need to put anyone down that has made an impact on the world. That's like saying Ghandi was insignificant because he only mattered to those in India.

      It's the ripple effect.

      I don't think we should talk about MLK's faults either when MANY (if not all) men of power have similar faults. Whether or not the government has a file on them, well, we don't know. But power corrupts and it always will.

      I must say this so that it is known. I don't align with Democrats or Republicans. Having said that, Reagan was a great president. BUT..His fiscal policy was lacking. He drove the national debt to an all-time high. Oh yeah, and his administration trained offered support to Osama bin Laden. The same administration gave the weapons of mass destruction to Iraq.

      Now, I firmly believe that they had to do what they believed was right at the time. More importantly, hindsight is 20/20. It was a piss poor policy to give that kind of support to either of those fellows.

      Many people say it was the lesser of two evils, at the time. How about no evil? That is still an option.

      NOW... can we get back on topic -- BB&T.

    • it's a deal

    • Doc Im not totally black but pretty damn close, so lets just let you be white, and not tell others how or what to think.

    • Mohammed? I thought this was one of the screwiest boards that I've come across lately. People who cannot follow the TRUTH are a people who are doomed. This propaganda about the mlk character is simply pandering to the blacks. In a truly free country, this propaganda by the government in an Orwellian fashion would not be jammed down the throats of the people. Anyone who wants to worship a phony baloney religion like islam or worship a phony baloney character like martin"loofer" is free to do so, but I will not submit to the absurdity. You should have stayed on topic.

    • "Dr. King was perhaps the most important person in our recent history, if not all history."

      Moses, Jesus, Mohammed and George Washington: Take a number.

    • Without a doubt, Ronald Reagan was one of the greatest Americans ever. He set the ball rolling for what we all hope will be a free and peaceful world to live in. He has my respect and I am sure, the respect of every American citizen as well as that of a large percentage of the world population.
      BBTFan brought the MLK comparison up in post 8782. I am sorry that it has gone in this direction but I can't let it end the way you have described Dr. King. Sure MLK had faults and there was a FBI file on his daily activities but look who was keeping that file. When Hoover was not changing into his evening gown, he kept files on JFK, RFK, MM and anybody else who didn't see the world the way he did (which is most of us I hope). Have you ever considered what the United States would be like today had Dr. King not been so persuasive? A racial or cival war was about to happen in this country and by spearheading the freedom movement, Dr. King helped to prevent (or at least postpone) such events. Now that we have established that all of us have faults, lets get off of the MLK thing. Oh, how about leaving the "still in africa" out of your posts and hopefully out of your thoughts. Most black people would take offense to this remark as I do, and I am white.

    • Doc, very simply the most important man in recent history was Ronald Wilson Reagan. What MLK did affected only the USA. What RWR did affected the whole world. History has shown us that despite the attempt to rewrite it. The recent outpouring of sympathy by the general public absolutely flummoxed the left. Twenty years from now we will experience the same thing with George W Bush, again along the same lines. A global war on terror and an economic boom generated by tax cuts to everyone who pays taxes. You can already see history trying to be rewritten by the socialists of this world. In the history of our country we have had the right men at the right time during times of crisis. You can start with Washington, Lincoln, Roosevelt, Kennedy,(can you say tax cuts) Truman Eisenhower, Reagan, W! MLK was a right man at the right time for a minority of people. He also had his faults listed elsewhere on this board. Dis you know that if you added up all the black wealth in this country it is the 12th largest economy in the world? Would these folks be better off still in Africa. Just a thought to ponder.

    • I own some RF and I was surprised when it merged with UPC and I own SOTR and I was surprised at the buyer, but the action in the stock tipped off that something was up. I see no signs that anything is near for BBT. I agree with you on this mlk character - he had communist connections and the FBI file on him obviously contains a lot of stuff that is not exactly flattering or they would release it - the naming of a national holiday for him is Orwellian.

    • Let's stick to BB&T. MLK was many things, but the most important person in history ain't even close. Plagarist, womanizer, and all-around goof ball. When I think of MLK, I think of a street that I don't want to be on after dark. Keep it real.

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