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  • What about the small start-up banks? A couple of years old with 1 or 2 branches. What about those? Any risk there?

    Also, when banks get bought isn't there some kind of stipulation that the ops centers of the selling bank have to be left alone for a couple of years before they can be moved? If BB&T got bought, there would be a lot of out of work, angry folks in Wilson.

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    • Not to my knowledge. It depends on the agreement between the two entities and the mood/needs of the succeeding top management team.
      As an example, if BBT was bought by BAC or WB, kiss those jobs goodbye. They'll be consolidated into Charlotte, no matter what is said, promised or put in writting. After all, the new management team is free to change whatever agreements were made. However, were WFC, FITB or C to buy BBT, the jobs would probably remain in place. These acquirers, having little or no presence in the SE, would probably need all those jobs left in place to support the continuing operation.
      This is generally not a consideration for stockholders. However it is often a major issue for employees. Been there, done that & been lucky, very lucky.

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