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  • BBTFan BBTFan Jul 5, 2004 3:19 PM Flag

    Happy 4th to the board

    And let's remember the men and women of our armed forces who are courageously and sacrificially protecting our freedoms as well as freedoms of others.


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    • What part of winning did liberal schooling camoflage to you as weakness? Even you should realize that if all countries suddenly changed as you folks demand there would still be a number uno! Would you wan't it to be a country of beheaders and abusers of women and children? Btw BBandT is still not for sale

    • Yeah Spain is now drifting further back into socialist leadership, which truly believe that you can say I'm sorry to people who will behead you like we swat flies. Yeah they are better off for sure. Not!!!!!!!!!!! Ya see asparagus, during the wuss Clinton admin the mouse chewed on American interests 7 times. 7 times wuss Clinton promised he wud hunt the perps down and destroy them. In between bin ladin saw a few misssiles lobbed at aspirin factories in between missiles lobbed at a blue dress. America is weak said he, if we hit them big time they will not respond, our mouse will nibble all the way thru that throne finally. So he did hit us. So a leader of strength said after one hit, no more. Chinese proverbs won't work anymore. That leader used force and might. Real strength was seen by the towel heads. Just like Japan Germany Russia. They understood force and might. Now in the middle east we have Isreal, Afghanistan, Iraq as free countries. We have Libya backing down. We have the people of Iran demanding an end to terror. With only Iran and Syria left the mouses are falling. Real strength if not seen by the eyes of beholders, or you, is seen by a majority of americans who will not let our country be led by a couple liberal socialist wusses, who have promised to apologize to the UN, the most corrupt org in the world. Can you say oil for food/Russia Germany France/UN? Btw BBandT is still not for sale.

    • Gud grief asparagus, Spain was just hit after last election in which the wuss won and promised no Spain involvement in the war on terror! The 72 virgin lovers beat a country which folded.

    • Alas, time for bed.

    • And Spain is better off for it.

      There is some Chinese proverb about a mouse chewing on the emperor's throne until the throne collapses and the emperor falls off. Real strength is not seen by the eye of the unwise beholder -- that's another Chinese proverb I think.

    • Even Franco eventually realized that brute power is a form of weakness.

    • "Words did not win WW II."

      Words were an important part of the victory. From the speeches of Churchill and FDR and Ike to the Enigma Project to the Manhatten Project (counting numbers as words of sorts). Without words, what have you got? Dumb as in "without words" and dumb as in "stupid" do have the same word for good reason. (Although speechless persons can be very smart.)

    • "When any General shows weakness the bullies will attack. Ask Spain."

      Is this a reference to Franco? Doesn't make any sense. Can you explain?

    • Now the colors come out�. Sounds like I hit the nail on the head on all counts. There is a raw nerve exposed.

      You need to go back to your unread books and start a 3rd career�. it�s called a life. Oh, and by the way, your last line� �I wiped my ass with people like you��. Now that took some brain muscle to come up with� did Bobby-Joe in 3rd grade use that on you or is that your �post� college education coming out?

      To all, on this board, who have had to endure this non-sense, my apologies. I will try not to acknowledge this idiot anymore. It hurts my head to try and "think" down on his level.

    • When any General shows weakness the bullies will attack. Ask Spain

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