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  • tiredofenteringloginnames tiredofenteringloginnames Jul 7, 2004 9:41 PM Flag

    What's Right With BB&T

    I have been an interested reader of this board for a while and being an employee, find a lot of what is posted here truly unbelievable. For instance, the guy who keeps rambling about the check book covers. I have worked here for a long time, mostly sitting in a branch and have no idea what he is talking about.

    Don't get me wrong, BB&T is not perfect but I have worked for a number of different banks and can say that generally (not entirely as there ar obviously cities and regions that have their issues) this Bank is filled with smart, hard working and dedicated folks. Our decentralized model works great when the right people are in place. Not that we always have the right people in place but when we do and they understand the system and how to get things done BB&T is a strong competitor. This, however takes time. I am sure there are smart FVB folks who will eventually figure the system out and begin to produce results - undoubtedly a bunch will not fit in (okay call it drink the Kool Aid if you must) and they will either move on or stick around and continue to waste energy expressing their frustration on message boards. Nothing personal, that's life, bad things happen to good people, etc. etc. etc.

    Bottom line

    pros- we have good markets, good system, good people(mostly) and leadership which provides consistent marching orders
    cons - paid too much for FVB, should have been in Florida years ago, technology needs to be improved and been betting for too long on rates increasing (they didn't, until now but it may be too late).

    So weigh your options; quit/stay, buy/sell but whatever your decision quit whining - in the words of Michael Corleone "It's business, not personal"

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