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  • gardenerrobert gardenerrobert Jul 8, 2004 4:59 AM Flag

    Just for the record

    Just for the record,I love my country,I love my fellow man,and I love all those brave souls who sacrificed their lives and limbs so that I can speak freely and in English.But I will never love brute force and naked aggression on other countries whom we have attacked in the last several years for no valid reason:Sudan,Yugoslavia,Afghanistan,Iraq,et al.Evidently there are some who think it is ok if we go into someone else's house and attack say the husband because we don't like the way he rules,and besides,we need what he has and we'll just take it from him,in this case oil.I will never leave the home of the brave and the land of the free,for those that think that because I cannot criticize a few elite demagogoes.If you few think that it is ok to invade other countries,then you are no different than the average German who believed in his country right or wrong,in 1938,and actually believed more that their leaders could do no wrong,and therefore that it is ok to attack other weaker countries.So just for the record,I am a conservative,ala Pat Buchanan.Keep your nose out of other peoples' and countries business,ande it's because we haven't that they now want to come over here and attack us,since we have been the Big Bully of the world for the last few decades.My parents came over to this country after they failed to defeat the oppressors who occupied their country,so I know all about fighting to the death to defend your life and liberty,but I wonder how many of those who want to criticize me have lived under oppression to know that no country has the right to attack and occupy another.Today the USSA is the oppressor of other countries,as well as oppressing it's own citizens by slowly but surely taking away it's freedoms.Also for the record,all ten planks of the Communist Manifesto are in full force and effect in the USSA.Also for the record,I have always driven a 4 cylinder gas conservative vehicle,since someone a little inane thinks that is the issue.Some of you better wake up because the same thing that happened to Germany and Japan after their aggressive rendevous(Did I spell that right?)may just happen here if we continue to attack and/or invade other countries.9/11 was just a warning.Wake up America!

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    • Do you not understand English? This is a BBT board. If you want to talk about other very important, granted, issues, go to another board, don't try to change the subject of this one. No mature person would keep on posting when it is clear most of us do not want to hear it here. You are ruining it for us but I guess you really don't care. What a sad state of affairs. I give up now. Talk about whatever you want. I am out and on to better things.

    • garden all of us like peace, hate war, and feel a lot like you do.
      the problem with you is that you aren't a member of the intelligence community, you aren't aware of what goes on in other countries you mention, and you weren't elected to lead us through these times. Neither was I. So I allow those elected officials with the knowledge to ensure our national security. Unfortunately for us, some like the previous one put personal gain and power ahead of the well being of our country. Now we have a president willing to put the good of our country ahead of personal gain. Yet despite all our previous poorly elected officials America has remained the only country in history able to maintain and assist other countries in times of need. We have done that with our citizens, our volunteer military, and our great economy. So your post is again only an opinion as is mine, without all the intell needed. I am not aware of going into someones home and attacking the male in this country. I am not aware of us taking any oil, in Iraq or any other country. Can you name one? I am aware of Iraqs leader attempting to assasinate one of our presidents. Even if it was Bill Clinton its good enough for me to go after them. I assume you dont really care about the one million folks Hussein had killed? The holocaust? Pearl Harbor? Sometimes the lesser of evil at one time or another requires to join forces, ala bin ladin and Hussein. But in the big scheme we have to realize that there are really bad guys in the world. They will use the rules the good guys must play with to subvert. Last, Pat Buchanans opinion is only one mans. Buchanan implies his opinion is Ronald Reagans. He is flat out wrong. I respect your right to post your opinion, I don't criticize it. I just disagree with it. Isn't it great to be American so that we can? BBandT is not for sale.

    • �For the record� your opinion is acknowledged and respected (disagreed with, but respected). The only way to effect the change(s) you seek are to �VOTE�.

      Now, what are your views on BB&T?

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