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  • Stockboy_II Stockboy_II Jul 19, 2004 5:40 PM Flag

    I'll even quit lurking now...

    I closed out my BBT position today. Been around a long time, but my experience has been that when a stock's BB deteriorates the way this one has, it is reflective of basic problems with the stock. No, really! ;~)

    Of course that's not the only reason I'm out, but , all kidding aside, the basic tenor of the board does reflect the buzz in the market to a certain extent. I've just seen too much stuff that turns me off with the company and, as I've posted before, there are other places I'd rather put new money. With the run up recently, I took the opportunity to bail out all the way. For Fan and other's sake, I hope I'm wrong, but that's what makes it interesting I suspose.

    As my last post, I'm going to stray from all my prior posts where I avoided profanity for the most part to share with you this wisdom from an old fart:

    John Gault is full of shit!

    There, I feel better - sorry for the profanity.

    Regards and good luck folks...



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    • Stock,
      Just got home from a couple weeks at the beach and saw your post. Like you, I hate to see the board turn into an old FTU board look-a-like. I really enjoyed our discussions which we both called as we saw it and I'm sure your decision was right for you. When JAA retires, I'll reevaluate my own position, but will probably enjoy the great dividends and let my sons inherit the shares and get a new basis. My contacts don't yield the picture painted by the majority of posts and as you have said, no investment decisions should be based on message boards. As RW said, our time would probably be more productively spent on the golf course.

      Best of luck and you really ought to look at that Titleist driver!


    • Stock, you will be missed. I always found your post to the point and right on a subject we all enjoyed hearing about.

      I will stick with BB&T for now. I do believe JAA and crew will come out with what is best for the stockholders.

      As far as this board is concerned I gave up on it sometime ago. I am glad I did check back today so I can tell Stock farewell. Stock along with four or five other posters made this an interesting board. Not so anymore.

      Stock. GOOD GOLFING. It is my hope that we could meet and play 18 together. I tee off at 0800 tomorrow morning.

      To the remaining posters, you derserve what you get. Go ahead and waste your time with all your CRAP.


    • See ya, Stock. Always enjoyed your thoughts and usually agreed with them. I am sticking it out with BBT to some extent as the franchise value will be realized one way or the other. Regards.

    • See ya Stock. You were one of only a handful of posters that made sense on a regular basis. I'll probably be selling myself soon. I guess I'm still hoping for a buyout, but it looks ever less likely. Hit 'em straight.

    • for crying out loud stock, it was just a book, ya know a movie is just a movie, leave Galt alone, good luck with your new smooth moves, if necessary metamucil

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