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  • MainStreetMaverick MainStreetMaverick Jul 26, 2004 3:57 PM Flag

    Bid Banging

    The bid has been being hit all day and it is holding up so well. This bode very well for BBT on what has been so far a bismol trading day...

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    • I'm reminded of an old commercial for hearing aids that probably ran before you were born. "A message of special interest to those who hear but do not understand."

      I'm also reminded of a quote from the best President this country has known. "Most people go through life wondering if they've made a difference." There is a second line I won't dirty by speaking of you. It's obvious you belong in the first line.

      Were you any kind of historian you would have knowledge that I've never worked for BBandT. I do have a close association of over 40 years. My work is done, yours obviously has just begun. I will tell you now, you will never make it. Give up your day job and find another. Failure is not always in your future.

    • At least stillginyit is STILL GETTING IT. Offhand, are you?

    • Wow, an uneducated, illiterate, innumerate marginialista with delusions of grandeur. I doubt that they let you into the mail room let alone be a part of BBT's history, M&A, bond issues and CEO statements.
      As a famous philosopher said, "Those who do not learn from history are condemned to repeat it." But then, history must have been another subject that you missed in school; along with mathematics, grammar, rhetoric, logic, literature, philosophy, ...
      I will concede that you are very good at repeating yourself and have high self-esteem. In todays world, that is apparently sufficient to advance through the school system.

    • I'm not trying to say anything, I am saying highly rated companies frequently hedge rising interest rates by swapping a floating rate for a fixed rate in the interest-rate swaps market.
      Investors always seek protection from rising interest rates.

    • And you keep saying, "a famous american humorist once said", and "son when you do this and son when you do that", and history one ignores. What in hell does that have to do with the real world today? What I posted was news not humor. I have lived this history, in fact I have been very well a part of this history, the M and A, the statements of CEOs, the bond issues all. I doubt very much that you have. My pockets currently are adaquately full, and in fact if your opinions become true, I stand the need of adding perhaps two more pockets to hold my new riches. As for tobacco juice, it is quite the insecticide and may be the reason your littlegraycells have become smaller.

    • Some companies may not use their authority, but BB&T has consistently used theirs for aquisitions/other corporate purposes, and over the last 20 years, come back every few years for additional authority after the prior buyback was exhausted. Particularly when the price is down it makes sense to pick up shares cheap to use for mergers when the value returns vs. the aquiree.
      However reality tells us when the market or financial sector is down, no device like a buyback will keep a company's performance too far from it's peer group.


    • Disagreement is normal, the end result is the clincher, the predictions of sale in here have never come to pass. So if everything is for sale, how much for your honor?

    • Sometimes the truth is hard to swallow I guess...

      Regarding stock buybacks, they function IF they really are implemented. Many companies never even come close to buying back what they said in the original stock announcement program. But you said it....the buyback puts a floor on the price, whether or not it really happens...perception is reality.

    • Why parse words or quote homilies? BB&T is not being shopped to sell..get over it! And no well run bank which got where it is by buying cheap is going to make an idiot offer.
      The stock goes up because someone thinks it's underpriced. The buyback program is run at arms length by a trading firm (SEC rules) and they don't normally chase price up, typically provide a floor by buying on price dips


    • 9 consecutive days of upward movement in stock price, with normal volume. I wonder whether the Co. stock buy back is (intentionally?) holding up the price-- it just seems odd that the stock has moved up every day by such slight amounts.

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      • hillbilly,

        I have the same concerns as you. It would be nice to be able to find out if BBT is indeed in the market buying back shares and how many.
        Is there a way to find this out?

        By the way your comment about normal trading volume may be incorrect. The figures I find show 7 of the last 9 days above average volume and 9 of the last 12 days.In addition to this the average volume per day has moved up in the area of 200,000 a day in the recent past.



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