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  • jim56442 jim56442 Aug 7, 2004 11:35 AM Flag



    Great choice to take advantage of the 401k. Probably the best investment most people will ever make is if they take full advantage of the match from the company.

    Not sure what 2 weeks you are referring to that I did not post, but if it has been recently you must have missed some of the posts. On 7/27 I posted about concerns of there being higher volume than normal and posted again on 7/28. In any case the last three days have about taken care of the increase of the last three weeks.

    In answer to your questions and assuming that BBT will not be sold as you stated. Consider the following facts
    1) BBT has under performed their peer group for the 5 year period ending 2003 per the proxy statement
    2) BBT has had basically flat earnings for 3 years if they make 2004 estimated earnings.
    They lowered earnings estimates earlier this year
    3)J Allison and company are still running the show and they are the ones with the above results
    3A)JA and the top executives have seen their total cash pay increase almost double in the last five years-Is there a real incentive for them to do better?
    4) If their chosen peer group has out performed them, then they have not even made the average of the peer group return
    5) Consider that WB and BAC just to name two banks have at least or a better dividend than BBT
    6) Both WB and BAC will have a much lower P/E than BBT if all three reach next years estimated earnings
    7) BBT's volume has been up the last few weeks and that probably would tend to inflate the share price
    8)One could probably have made about as good a total return on US Bonds for the last 5 years with less risk of your investment.

    I do not know what choices you have in your 401k nor know what you particular circumstances would be to know what would be best for you. (Be sure to find out what the costs to you will be in whatever choice you make.The fees charged for the 401k in each choice could make a big difference in total returns)

    Several years ago I was approached by several people to invest their money for them and they even were willing to pay me fees for this service. I told them and would tell you the same, I would not be comfortable investing your money for you. I have and still do sometimes let my close friends know what I have done and which stocks I buy and sell, but still do not advise them to do the same.

    Still yours for better investing,


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