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  • stoxalienvspredator2004 stoxalienvspredator2004 Aug 4, 2004 9:45 PM Flag


    DOes this merger make sense? COuld or should this one take place. 300-Bank mergers already announced in 2004 per 8/16/2004 FORBES articlepage 90 featuring Wells Fargo CEO Dick K. Or should BBT buy WAMU and move westward ho...............?

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    • Wells?..WAMU?.. Labor Day?..what about it'll never happen don't you understand? BB&T earnings have turned around, stock price makes the premium too expensive, and K buys cheap. BB&T has no interest in the west; the west has no interest in BB&T except perhaps if it should ever become distressed merchandise which ain't going to happen on JAA's watch. Be happy with dividends and total returns or sell and go buy merger bait.


    • Did you take the time to actually read the Forbes story you mentioned? I think it answers your question about whether WFC is going to buy BBT or anything at a premium any time soon.

      Pay particular attention to this line, where Coach K talks about the current wave of mergers:
      "The outspoken industry nag heading Wells predicts doom. If he makes another big acquisition, it will be on his terms--cheap, and probably after disillusionment and depressed stock prices settle in."

    • Tired,
      Neat observation!


    • Should be able to get WM for a measly 20% premium. Worth 40%.
      I like it.
      I'm long WM.

      Mike J

    • As far as stocks go BBT is not a good performer at all. It hardly moves. Their approach to banking is out dated and nothing but smoke and mirrors with a cup of Kool Aid on the side.

      That is one of the reasons why they suck and are getting beat in areas outside of NC. They are so many people trying to burry themselves up Allisons crack it is funny. Face it BBT is a poorly run bank. Get out of Allison's crack and smell the coffe!

    • Cisco: I know this is a waste of my time and the time of other board members BUT WHY DON'T YOU GROW UP. You remind me of a young fellow that grew up in my neighborhood. His parents did not expect anything of him nor did they punish him when he misbehaved. He is now a forth year old that cannot hold a job and would be scared to death if someone ask him to go to work.

      I hope I am wrong about you for your sake. Try showing us that all this crap you post is not really you.


    • Doc,
      In investing, you pay your money and make your choices. I'm happy with my investments; you're obviously unhappy with yours. The solution to your problem is obvious.


    • buy_high_sell_low_dot_com buy_high_sell_low_dot_com Aug 13, 2004 1:24 PM Flag

      Yeah, you should be investing your money in Wall St. darlings like 5/3rd. Oh wait...they just hit a 52 week low. Now where? If only I could use my Monday morning quarterback skills to anticipate the last four or five year returns for stocks that everyone else seems to be able to do. Oh well, maybe I should look at Cisco.....ciscodude???

    • Not me; been building a position for 38 years and plan to keep it. I have above market returns, dividends and stock performance. If you can't say that you haven't held long enough!


    • Jim,

      Have read your posts for a while and find it interesting that you show up after a few down days - you were noticeably absent during the 2 weeks or so BB&T was up every day. Regardless, as has been stated here a time or 2 before, you can pick just about any time period against which to compare BB&t to prove a point - pro or con - so I am not going to bother. So instead I ask you a question - what should we do under the following circumstances? (after all I work for BB&T and we all learn to make objective decisions based on sound premises)

      premise #1 banks are not sold unless management wants to or has to sell and BB&T is not in either position
      premise #2 BB&T pays a 3.5% (more or less) dividend and has performed at least as well as the DJI over the long term.

      So, please share your wisdom with me. Should I move my 401k money out of BB&T and if so into what?

      Yours for better investing (where did I read that?)


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