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  • prognosticatorchief prognosticatorchief Nov 11, 2004 8:27 PM Flag

    BBT future

    Seems like the board has given up on discussing BBT's future. Stock price has been creeping up slowly for the past year; no great news coming out, I predict when the price of BBT is in the upper 40's, prospective buyers will start banging on our doors. If a decent premium is offered, BBT will be long gone.

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    • buy_high_sell_low_dot_com buy_high_sell_low_dot_com Nov 15, 2004 2:46 PM Flag


      Without emotion? I about fell out of my chair laughing on that one! Re-read your last few messages. The venom is still dripping off of them.

      A consultant you say? I feel pretty good now that BB&T did not need your services. Your results so far are pretty poor.

    • yep, that's it. good stuff.

    • Mike,
      Boy, you're not kidding about the rapid-fire change events that swept through the manufactured housing industry. I can remember when Oakwood had a simple office on Holden Road and later when it built its big office tower off I-40 in Greensboro. I have a friend that bought wooded property outside small NC mill towns and put in mobile home developments. He stopped developing such sites about five years ago because of the employment implosion that swept through those rural NC towns as textiles, furniture and a host of other labor intensive industries began rapidly winding down.

      I applaud your being in business for yourself. Roofing is good business. Lots of homes built around 1980 with 15 year roofs up for replacement. Got my roof replaced last winter. Have shingle prices been going up in step with petroleum prices?

    • Knoxfireman,
      I'm pretty sure its name is "Pig Pickins". I've eaten there and agree with your assessment. As I recall, the restaurant offers several choices in barbeque types.

    • I can't remember the name of the place, the best bbq I've ever had is right there off Deacon Blvd up from Groves Stadium. It's across the street from a sub shop. I know it's bad not to remember, but the next time I'm in Winston-Salem, that's where I'm headed.

    • wstr,
      Once I traveled from Lancaster PA to Birmingham, AL with the boss. He was an AL native and took me to the Golden Rule BBQ in Birmingham. That is where he ahd proposed to his Mrs.
      This guy was so PUMPED. He got me hungry 'cuz he wouldn't let up on how good I'd be fed. I didn't know from nothing about BBQ, but I do know that was a GREAT bite to eat.
      Then he pulled out this little plastic cooler that he stuffed with sandwiches to take home to the Mrs. on the AM flight.

      For many years I built trailers, then mobile homes, then manufactured homes, then modular homes. All in the same factory....
      Moved to North Carolina in 1997 with a corporation that transported and set mobiles and modulars to work their Raleigh account, including Alan Zaring's and Pulte's manufactured home debacles. Hardest physical labor you could ever desire.
      1997 was the pinnacle for that industry in NC. Shipped and installed record number of homes.
      Then the financing scandals hit and the industry fell off a cliff. And all of the wrong people, hourly employees, families, etc., got hurt. Warren Buffett owns two of the former majors now, Clayton and Oakwood. Much contraction, and still ongoing.

      I sold home improvements, mostly roofing for a few years, and now work as a self-employed roof repair "craftsman."
      Handyman, almost. I like the independence at this time of my life. Too old to work 10 years to earn a second week of vacation.

      Calvin Coolidge said, "Unrewarded genius is almost a Proverb..."
      Your poster child for the rewards of a misspent youth,
      Mike J

    • Mike,
      Thanks for the beautiful sonnet to barbeque. You are are right on with your comment about eating what the locals are eating wherever you may be. That's my line, too, and I do it all over this great country of ours. Texas barbeque is great, South Carolina mustard-based barbeque is great, Piedmont Lexington-style barbeque is great and all sorts of beef dishes out West are great.

      What kind of accounts biz do you manage? Sales or something like technical, accounting or consulting?

    • You missed a lot of action yesterday. If it was anything, it was entertaining. Berk was freaking out.

    • You're right. Who is nominative. Whom is objective. Professor Berk has a lot more problems than just Who and Whom.

    • I'm not sure what his point is either. Looks to me like he's arguing with himself. Religious freedom is by no means a foreign idea. In fact his posts from Thomas Jefferson would support more than a prayer from Kelly King. How about a sermon? Professor Berk is chasing his own tail.

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