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  • jim56442 jim56442 Apr 15, 2005 10:51 PM Flag

    buying opportunity

    "May 2nd will make me happy because BB&T will send me a check......much better than CD rates"

    I would tend to disagree with your statement which is above. The timing of your buy would make a lot of difference. Example: if you bought 12/31/1998 at end of day price per share you would have bought at $40.31 a share.Today's closing price was $37.08 a share. Total dividends paid which include the one you reference in May are $6.95

    $37.08+$6.95=$44.03 $44.03-$40.31 =$3.72

    Total return for over 6.25 years would be $3.72 on an investment of $40.31. This would be less than an annual return of 1 and 1/2 per cent.

    One would have been better off with their money in a CD over this time period.

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    • jim56442,

      Don't forget that BBT ahs increased it's dividend by 10%(good enough of an estimate) annually in the past and should do the same in the future.

      Oh, and share price will go up, especially over 6 years. What will CDs do?

      IMHO: 9% annual growth in fundamnetals and share price can be assumed for 5 years. Add on a 3.7% yield and thisi s one hell of a low risk investment.

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      • kfh227,

        You stated the following:
        "Oh, and share price will go up, especially over 6 years. What will CDs do?"

        I hope that your post is correct and the future of this stock will be as you say. However, the above statement is indeed incorrect for the last 6 years. This was the point in my previous post that the stock closed at $40.31 a share 12/31,1998.Closed Friday at $37.08 and even with the dividend increases not a good investment over this time frame unless you consider a 1 1/2 percent annual return a good investment return.

        The question then becomes what is the time frame of short and long term investments. My opinion is that six years is not short term.

        One could have done much better with a CD and the money invested would not have been any where near as badly at risk.


      • TO: kth227

        I have owned BBT since 1980. It has gone through the years with me as a great safe investment. I have said on this board many many times that it is the investment that has made my retirement years enjoyable. Travel and lots of golf have been made possible by BB&T.

        Some people look at BB&T as a short term investment. I think it must be considered a long term investment.


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